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Top 5 Best Selling Eliquids From December 2018

Top 5 Best Selling Eliquids From December 2018

We hope you had a great Christmas and New Year from everyone here at Flawless. Here is a rundown of our top selling eliquids for December. Without a doubt, December was a cracking month here at Flawless and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your custom both in December and throughout last year.

Whilst we saw a rise in festive flavours in November such as Professor Green’s Unruly – White Chocolate and Peppermint, December was outlined by mainly industry leading brands. We have also seen a rise in popularity of Nic Salts recently, especially for those who use pod systems. So without further ado, here is your best five!

Lemon Life

In December you guys couldn’t get enough of freshly squeezed lemonade brought to you by Lemon Life. With four mouth watering flavours to choose from, these zesty short fills come in two packs of 50ml. Strawberry Lemonade offers their signature home brewed lemonade combined with sweet strawberries, a delicious fruity eliquid to get the taste buds tingling while Blueberry Watermelon Lemonade is more subtle, combining lemonade and tropical watermelon with the aftertaste of genuine blueberries. You get the gist – these eliquids are self-explanatory in flavour profile but equally as delicious!

Moreish Puff

Then we move on to another long established brand Moreish Puff which you were lapping up last month. Value for money, Moreish Puff eliquid comes in at a mere £17.99 for a whopping 100ml short fill! Simply add your nicotine shots or salts at the desired strength, if any and puff away for a moreish vaping experience! Flavour ranges include sherbet, chilled, soda and candy rock to name a few.. These elquids never fail to delight both us and our customers! Here at Flawless HQ we love Sherbet Rainbow; a heavenly concoction with a spectrum of candy flavours on the inhale, followed by a sour sherbet punch on the exhale!


Again IVG, ever popular since they first established themselves, with new flavour profiles and ranges coming out all the time – we saw an IVG explosion here at Flawless in December with our customers absolutely loving them! With a plathora of flavours to choose from we can see why these tasty eliquids have increased in popularity, especially with their new custard range catering to those with a sweet tooth! From Lemon Custard to Nutty Custard and even Bubblegum Custard – we ourselves simply cannot get enough of this delightful range!


A new brand to the Flawless family, Saltfather are in our opinion, the gods of the increasingly admired Nicotine Salts! Available in three tantalizing flavours, don’t be deceived by the smooth inhale as these bad boys pack an almighty 20mg nicotine punch! They come in a 10ml bottle but fear not these salts have longevity and are ideal for any pod system. There is a flavour profile to meet all preferences with Fruitti Corleone providing all the tropic fruity feels, Barasi Berry packing a ‘berrylicious’ profile and last but not least Barzini Black for all the aniseed lovers out there - you know who you are!

Charlie’s Chalkdust

Last but not least we have Charlie’s Chalkdust, a premium eliquid with interesting profiles, sometimes with up to three tasty combinations in one flavour! For those who don’t know they have three ranges. A meringue range, with you guessed it, that gooey sugary treat combined with fruits as well as a Black Label and White Label Range offering pungent but extremely delicious concoctions! A couple of our faves include Mustache Milk, a delicious blend of sweet cereal soaked in icey cold milk as well as Wonder Worm, bursting with the psychedelic flavours of gummy worms and dusted with tart powder for a sweet and sour explosion on the taste buds!

We hope you enjoyed this read and it possibly inspired you to try some new flavours. Until next time #StayFlawless
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