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Top 5 Liquids for October 2018!

Top 5 Liquids for October 2018!

This summer has been a great one for vapers everywhere, with amazing new juices coming out left and right. Even though summer is over, the liquid releases just keep on coming, and they’re better than ever! Without further ado, here is our top 5 list of e-liquids from October!

Anarchist Mango

Anarchist Mango E-Liquid at Flawless Vape Shop

Let’s kick this off with possibly the biggest new release this month: Anarchist Mango is here!
We’ve been eager to get this out to you guys since the very first taste testers made their way around the office, as even at those early stages we knew this one would be a hit.

Turns out we were right! You guys love it just as much as we do!

The latest entry in the best selling Anarchist E-Liquid series features massive mango flavours, with big bold tastes that totally flood your taste buds from the first puff. Don’t be fooled though, this flavour is as natural as they come! Nothing to distract from that sweet, tropical goodness!

You wouldn’t expect any less from anarchist. The flavours here are clear and to the point, and this juice doesn’t miss a beat. Just juicy, flavourful mango that simply can’t be beat!

For those that are interested, this flavour also tastes great with a big of CBD vape additive mixed in! The extra floral flavours blend perfectly with the sweet and natural mango tastes! A winner for sure.

The Milkman

The Milkman E-Liquid at Flawless Vape Shop

October was a huge month here at Flawless, and one reason why is that we picked up the UK distribution rights to the entire range of The Milkman E-Liquids!

If you’re not aware already, these E-Liquids are the last word in milky e-liquids, with a smooth and creamy base that is satisfying as anything on the market. Add to that mix an amazingly wide array of fruity and desert flavours that work perfectly with The Milkman’s signature base flavouring.

Some standout flavours here include the sweet goodness of Crumbleberry, the super smooth Milky O’s, The intensely moreish Hazel, and of course, The Original that started it all!

Ice Queen

Ice Queen E-Liquid at Flawless Vape Shop

This month saw the release of a brand new juice line from our friends at Flawless Vape Labs, Ice Queen!

As the name suggests these flavours are centred around a refreshing icy kick! They strike a great balance with this, with a cooling effect that grabs your attention but doesn’t add unnecessary harshness and doesn't overwhelm the senses.

Mixed in with that icy taste are 3 different flavours, Blueberry, Strawberry, and Pink Lemonade! You guys have gone mad for the Blueberry flavour, it’s completely flown off our shelves! Though that said, all of these juices have proven immensely popular and we’re receiving great feedback!

Each of these new E-Liquids features a flavour that’s clean, refreshing, and decidedly addictive! Not one to miss.

Twelve Monkeys Origins

Twelve Monkeys Origins E-Liquid at Flawless Vape Shop

The well known premium brand Twelve Monkeys has been listening to all of your comments and requests, and here is the result: Twelve Monkeys Origins!

This new line of fresh flavours are designed with vapers new and old in mind, and have been designed to address the issues people have with a lot of e-liquids on the market.

The flavours here are simple and clean, allowing their tastes to shine through to their fullest on low and high end vaping devices alike! Along with this, the simpler formula goes a long way to improving another common complaint: coil life. By keeping things simple, Twelve Monkeys have made sure that these juices won’t affect the lifespan of your coils! Super important to those of you using pod and sub-ohm systems, but appreciated just as much by those using rebuildables who don’t want to be constantly cleaning and re-wicking their device.

Some real standouts here include Papio, a pineapple focused flavour that rivals the best, with plenty of zing and sweetness without being tart, as well the smooth Patas Pipe, a tobacco blend that surprises with its sweet and smooth mix of chocolate and vanilla notes for a rich flavour that’s unlike any other.

Plus, as a bonus, these 50ml shortfills are cheaper than other Twelve Monkeys products, making them excellent value!

Barista Brew Pumpkin Spice Latte

Barista Brew Co. Pumpkin Spice Latte E-Liquid at Flawless Vape Shop

Finally, to round out this collection for autumn is a decidedly seasonal recent release from fan favourites Barista Brew Co! The limited edition Pumpkin Spice Latte will definitely peak the interest of any Starbucks fans around, as this juice is incredibly faithful to the flavours that inspired its creation.

Anyone who’s tried Barista Brew E-Liquids will know that their coffee flavours are arguably the best in the industry, filled with rich coffee aromas. This time these famous coffee tastes are balanced perfectly against subtle spices and incredibly authentic pumpkin. This hot drink inspired juice is perfect for putting you in a seasonal mood, and when we vape this we can’t help but think of Christmas coming up over the horizon!

What really makes this liquid stand out, even within the incredible Barista Brew Co range that it is a part of, is just how finely done that balance is. The coffee is rich and earthy, and is perfectly blended with those autumnal flavours. Get yourself a bottle, since it won’t be around forever!


And with our fifth and final liquid, that finishes off our top five liquids for October! It’s been an incredible month with awesome releases throughout. We can’t wait to see what November brings us!

Until then, stay Flawless!

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