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What is THC liquid?

What is THC liquid?

What could be more frustrating or somewhat confusing than not knowing the purpose of a thing? You can even be using a device, but you wonder, what is it made of, and why is this added? You found yourself curious. Let's not bore you with more curiosity. Let's get down to business.

It's good to know you have grabbed your vaping device and have left the former way of smoking. However, you are yet to know some of the items it is made up of, and THC is one of them.

What THC liquid means

THC is the short form of tetrahydrocannabinol; it is a liquid produced by vaping companies to enhance your experience. It is the substance responsible for the effect you experience from smoking.  THC will make more sense if you know its benefits in your vaping device. Other e-liquids can be used but here is why THC is the best:

Smell-free: compared to the smell that comes from smoking ordinary cigarettes, though it also has an odour, it only stays in the air for less than 5 seconds, and it's off. Imagine walking down the street with your device in your pocket, then you took some puff along the road, but interestingly, no one noticed because it doesn't smell; that's what THC gives.

Cool right? Wait, that's not all; there is more. Are you ready? Let's go.

Ideal for micro-dosing: the liquid THC allows you to give a few taps at a time. Instead of getting high, letting it go, and getting high again like you do when using ordinary cigarettes, you can keep your high at the perfect level all day.

Moreover, as if the lack of smell is not enough, through its vaporization process, THC makes your eyes less red and less harmful than an ordinary cigarette which operates by combustion, which makes it produce a lot of smoke.

With all these benefits, do you know it is cheaper? Yes, you read right. Although the initial cost may seem high, believe when we say that it is more affordable because you will save more amounts of herb or concentrate, which means buying less.

THC is prepared in a beautiful way that a whole lot of it is shrunk into a few millilitres.

Think about how oil is extracted from coconut.  It means coconut initially contains oil, but you won't feel the oil until you extract it. Moreover, so is the THC; it is removed well enough from its source plant to give the best.

This makes it very easy to load a bottle of liquid THC and consume it discreetly. A few drops under the tongue are enough. This is not the only way to consume THC, but it is one of the most discreet.

We will talk more briefly about the consumption mode later, but let's learn more about the subject matter.

THC is conserved best, more straightforward, and more efficiently by tinctures. Also, it should be stored in an opaque container, away from light and heat.  As we discussed earlier, the extraction of THC from its plant source makes it concentrated. This can make you high faster than how you want to. There is a way out of that:

It's simple; you need to start with just tiny drops or a few puffs of steam to understand your liquid THC dosage better. The dosage you can take depends on how experienced you are regarding smoking. Newbies will surely take less.

Modes of consuming THC

They can be used by filling essence vape cartridges with liquid THC; they can be used generally in vape pens. You can also use THC by spraying it directly into your mouth or food. If you choose to ingest it with food, know well the effects will be very similar to THC butter or other edibles – intense and long-lasting.

Let's add this; you can prepare THC at home. The first thing to know is the ingredients needed. You need just a few things which are:

  • 15g to 45g of dried herb
  • Glass jars with a closure that can go into the freezer.
  • One litre of strong alcoholic beverage (above 45%, like some gins.
  • Coffee sieve or filter.

The first step is extraction. You extract by decarboxylation. This is done by heating the herbs at a temperature of 100°C-120°C. Make sure you don't exceed this temperature not to burn the herb or evaporate the THC.

After decarboxylation, place the herb in the freezer until it is frozen. You can also cool the alcohol. After this, mix 1L of the alcohol to the herb in your jar, shake it well then put it into the fridge.

After every 3 to 4 hours, shake again and return to the fridge. Repeat this step for the next two days.

After the second day, filter the liquid through a sieve and then the coffee filter to remove the dry herb. Alcohol should be stored in an opaque container and away from direct light, and it has no expiration date.

It's simple. THC liquid is the best option to consider always for the best smoking experience.

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