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Airheads Candy

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At Flawless Vape, we help you find the best-tasting candy from the best candy companies worldwide. Airheads are one such company. With a storied history and an excellent variety of sweets, Airheads has some of the best treats for sweets lovers.

Our collection of Airheads candy features some of the best-known flavours and candy and a few silent crowd-pleasers that will quickly become your favourite after the first try. Whether you're trying to bring back the nostalgic childhood memories or find a new sweet to add to your collection, we guarantee that our Airheads candy collection will fit right in.

Airheads Candy History

Airheads candy is the brainchild of Steve Burner. The Dutch-Italian company was founded on August 7, 1985, and manufactures sweets with a texture and taste that is best described as tangy and chewy. There are over 16 flavours to choose from and a vast array of tantalising sweets.

The company’s amazing sweet collection saw it grow dramatically to a humongous facility that now distributes sweets all over America that also have great demand in the UK.

Considering that Airheads rose to the spotlight at a time when other sweets brands like Skittles had a run, it only shows how bold and popular the brand became. It is the perfect alternative for customers who are not fond of hard candy or simply want a break and sink their teeth into something chewy.

Best Airheads Candies

Airheads have a magnificent selection of candy with sumptuous flavours and tastes. Here’s a quick look at some of the best Airhead candies you will find in our expansive collection:

Airheads chewy fruit candy bars

The Airheads chewy fruit candy bars are one of the American classic taffy candy. They come in different colours. Each colour has a different flavour. The brand puts together amazing ingredients that make the colour and the flavours pop!

Airheads xtremes sweet-sour candy rainbow berry

This is the most favourite sour candy for most people who love Airheads candy. They are the most affordable candy in the Airheads range and will quickly satisfy your sweet and sour tooth craving. The Airheads Xtremes come in belt shapes that you can cut with your teeth, giving you an opportunity to really sink your teeth into their heavenly flavours.

The sweets also come in an array of exciting rainbow colours that get your saliva glands on overdrive even before you can sink your teeth into the candy.

The Xtreme sweets come in various flavours, the sourful rainbow berry variety that is considered by many as one of the top-rated candies from Airheads. This flavour combines some of the brand's best candies into one. It fuses the delicious and succulent flavours of the other sweets with mouth-watering colours, and most customers agree that they are hooked to this candy.

Airheads bites fruit

It's not easy to find the Airheads Bites fruit. But when you do, they are well worth the trouble. They are easily the best sweets the brand has to offer, going by the word of most customers that have tried this type of candy. The original fruit bites come in a variety of bold and vibrant colours and have the same pellet appearance as Skittles. However, the taste is different and one that you will want to keep trying again and again.

American Candy Delivered All Over the UK

America has some of the best candy in the world. You have seen it on TV adverts during American shows and even in magazines. For the longest time, all you could do was admire and imagine how the mouth-watering flavours would taste and melt in your mouth.

Flawless Vape is now making those dreams come true by delivering all your favourite American candy directly to your doorstep. We have sourced all the best tasting candy from the best candy brands in America, imported them to the UK, and now you can work easily shop for the same quality and tasty candy right here in the UK and have it delivered to you in a matter of hours.

You can also browse our collection of American drinks and other American treats for the full American experience.

Why Choose Flawless Vape?

  • Quality – Flawless Vape is a leading brand in the UK with a storied reputation for delivering quality products to its customers. We only source and import sweets from the best brands and only deal directly with the brand to guarantee the quality and freshness of our products.
  • Variety – Browse our diverse catalogue of American sweets and drinks. With tonnes of options to choose from, you will always find what you’re craving in multiple flavours and colours.
  • Fast shipping – Our next working day delivery promise for UK orders will have your order delivered to your doorstep in the shortest time.
  • Excellent customer support – In case you have any questions or challenges with your order, our excellent customer support team is easily reachable and will provide you with practical and timely responses to your concerns.