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Most new vapers will agree that they find most vaping devices intimidating and challenging to use. Although vape brands have done their best to simplify devices for new users, some vapers still hold back out of the fear of owning a vaporiser and the care and technical know-how required to maintain the device.

Beco Bar has a simple yet effective solution to this – a wide range of disposable vaporisers designed to deliver the most amazing vaping experience. The unique devices come pre-charged and pre-filled with various vape juice flavours and with varying nicotine strength. All vapers have to do is pull out the device and draw.

Unlike most brands that focus on delivering a vast range of vape products, Beco Bar stands out by focusing on one product and delivering exceptional quality. The brand has an outstanding collection of ultra-portable, disposable vape devices. The devices come in various colours and have impressive, user-friendly features.

The devices are travel-friendly and draw-activated. You don't have to worry about toying around with any settings. Just remove the device out of the packaging and directly take it between your lips. Some vapers say the Beco Bar disposable vapes are easier to use than smoking a cigarette.

Beco Bar Flavours

Each disposable vape is pre-filled with a range of fantastic vape liquid flavours that guarantee a remarkable vaping experience. These flavours are also used to identify the vaporisers. The most popular ones include:

Lush Ice

Lush ice is a delectable flavour that features the fresh taste of watermelons with a cooling layer of menthol. Like most of the flavours on this brand, this comes in various nicotine levels giving you an exceptional chance to experience the exploits of vaping while getting your nicotine fix.


For vapers that find the sweet flavours overwhelming, spearmint is a nice breakaway. It has a cooling tone that is just right for vapers that are getting their first vape. It is almost similar to menthol but lighter and with a sweet note from a distance. The flavour is available in 10 and 20mg nic salt e-liquid for a smoother throat hit and minimal interference with the vape liquid flavour.

Strawberry Ice

This flavour brings the tropical vibes to your tastebuds with the refreshing and juicy flavours of strawberries with calm notes at the end for that refreshing feel. The light fruit notes are complemented by a hint of menthol flavours towards the end. The strawberry Ice flavour makes an excellent daily vape because it is not overpowering.

Blueberry Raspberry

This flavour combines two unique and flavourful fruits that are strong enough to create outstanding flavours individually. Together, the two berries deliver a sweet vape with a tangy note and a juicy taste on the exhale. They are an excellent choice for vapers that like a bit of sourness to the flavours and a sweetness that isn’t overpowering.

Peach ice

When you start vaping, it's all about easing you into the experience. Any vape flavour you choose should be strong enough to keep your intrigued but not too strong that it delivers too much, too early.  Peach Ice is one of those flavours that deliver the right flavours just when you expect them. It combines the sweet and juicy notes of peach, which are complemented by a soft and cool flavour of menthol.

Menthol tobacco

The menthol tobacco flavour is designed to deliver a similar experience to smoking but with cooler notes and a less harsh feeling in your throat. It’s a fantastic choice for vapers that want something as close to smoking as possible.

Beco Bar is extremely creative with the flavours they deliver, and they have new flavours released regularly. You can keep checking back for new and exciting flavours.

Why Beco Bar?

There are various brands that have disposable vapes as part of their products. But, there are several factors that make Beco Bar stand out:

  • The brand is solely focused on giving beginners the best possible start to vaping. It’s not just the devices but also the flavours and the nic salts used in their vape juice blends.
  • Beco Bar vaporisers are maintenance free. They have no buttons and don’t require any adjustments. All you need to do is retrieve the device and inhale.
  • The devices come in a range of bold and elegant colours that also make the devices appear discrete because of the simple designs.
  • The devices can deliver up to 300 puffs which is impressive considering the size of the device.
  • Beco bar has a recycling policy. It keeps the environment clean and rewards you with one Beco Bar for every ten you return.