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Bubble Tea E-liquid

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With advanced technology, vape juices are in the vaping industry today. All these are designed to ensure everyone has something interesting and tasty to vape. This means introductions of different vape flavours that replicate their original ingredients. For example, bubble tea e-liquid, a Taiwanese tea-based e-liquid, tastes real.

However, with different brands popping up in today's vape market, there is a need to be cautious over where you get your original bubble tea e-liquid vape from. So why not check our amazing shortfill e-liquids, vape accessories and many of our other amazing collections.

What is Bubble Tea E-liquid?

Bubble tea e-liquid is a sweet and tasty juice with a new experience and taste similar to Taiwan-based tea. Designed with assured creamy notes and sparking exhales, the e-liquid has a guaranteed rich experience of authentic blends.

The e-liquid’s ingredients include a blend of tea flavour, milk, fruits, and many other sweeteners that mimic the taste of bubble tea. However, different manufacturers have various production ways that create different Bubble tea flavours as part of their product line.

There being various manufacturers in this product’s line, you need to buy the vape juice only from reputable sources. Besides getting standard-approved products, you will also get satisfying Bubble tea e-liquids, all compatible with different tanks to ensure a hassle-free vaping experience. This is why you need to consider buying the vape from our Flawless Vape Shop and enjoy the experience.

Benefits of vaping Bubble tea e-liquid

Are you a bubble tea lover or looking forward to trying a new vape? Here is how you benefit from vaping Bubble tea e-juices.

Fun social experience

Bubble tea is a popular beverage known globally for its extra sweetness. With its recent replication to an e-liquid, the beverage lovers have every reason to enjoy the vape. The fun experience of vaping bubble tea e-liquid comes from meeting other bubble tea lovers and enjoying the vape together. The vape juice can be a good conversation starter.

Control over nicotine strength

Bubble tea e-liquids are available in different nicotine strengths suitable for different vape lovers. This means there are various nicotine options for anyone interested in higher nicotine intake or anyone who wants to reduce their nicotine addiction. The vape is also beneficial for anyone addicted to smoking and trying to quit cigarettes.

Compatible with various devices

Bubble tea is designed to be compatible with various vape tanks. This means it is possible for anyone tasting the e-liquid to experiment with the different available flavours without changing the tanks. Furthermore, this is quite cost-saving since, instead of purchasing separate tanks for each flavour, you can save and buy one large tank that will last you for a considerable time.

This e-liquid’s compatibility also helps reduce waste piling waste of discarded tanks, making it a better option for the environment.

Reduced calorie intake

Buble tea lovers risk increased calorie intake from consistently consuming the milk sugars in the beverage. However, if one is to vape the bubble tea e-liquid, there are no calorie risks associated with the vape side of it, so that you can enjoy your vape consistently without the high-calorie guilt.

Delicious flavours

Bubble tea e-liquid manufacturers are considerate of every vaper’s sweet tooth. So the various flavours that come with this e-liquid mean there is something for everyone to enjoy in the vape while also creating new experiences for anyone who wants to try each of the flavours.

How to maximise the flavour and longevity of Bubble tea e-liquid

Despite the assured sweet tastes of the bubble tea e-liquid, here are some other tricks to maintain the sweetness and maximise the e-juice’s flavour.

Avoid overfilling your tank

It’s easy to get tempted to refill your tank to the brim for a slight boost in the vape’s last period. But with an overfilled tank, there are high chances of leaking e-liquids, affecting the whole flavour produced.

Use the right wattages

Bubble tea, like any other e-liquid, also contains a mix of VG and PG that affect the intensity of the flavour and vapour produced. You, therefore, need to experiment with different wattages until you can find a specific wattage that has maximised flavours without affecting vapour production.

Store the e-liquid away from direct sunlight

Exposing your bubble tea e-liquid to direct sunlight degrades its flavour quality.  So when your vape device is not in use, you want to place the tank out of direct heat, sunlight, humidity, and other things that can affect the e-juice quality.

Experiment with steeping

Steeping is when you allow your e-liquid to settle for some period to let the flavour mature and blend. Bubble tea manufacturers believe that the more shelf life allowed for the e-liquid, the tastier it gets. You can therefore try steeping for a few days to weeks to help achieve a complex and flavour-filled taste.

Prime your coils

Priming the coils in your vape device involves saturating the coils with e-liquid every time you refill the tank with bubble tea e-liquid. This not only guarantees a better flavour but also increases the coil's lifespan.

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