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Calypso is an incredibly popular American lemonade drink that comes in a brightly coloured bottle with island signage. The exotic and tropical flavoured drink comes in 20 different, mouth-watering and juicy flavours that are totally refreshing.

The drink is non-alcoholic and is the perfect drink at family events. It also makes an excellent mixer for cocktails and mocktails. Whether you're after a soft drink to quench your thirst in the blazing sun or you want to treat yourself to a sweet-tasting and fruit-inspired drink, Calypso is the perfect fit.

With numerous flavours to choose from and a stunning range of bottle packaging, the drink will have your saliva glands flooding just by seeing the bottle.

The History of Calypso

The original calypso recipe was created in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1985. At the time, the company was called King Juice Company Inc. The creator of the drink had a simple idea in mind – to create an authentic, tasty and delicious lemonade that was made using real lemons and real sugar.

The lemonade was made in small batches and delivered using the company truck. Over the years, the popularity of the drink and production grew. The original recipe was renamed Calypso in 2000. Since then, the brand has grown into multiple flavours to suit different palettes and preferences.

Today, Calypso is the perfect depiction of the island life which reminds you of days basking in the sun by the beach, taking down a cool, refreshing and sweet drink that reminds you of freshly squeezed lemons packed with sugar to energize your day.

Calypso Flavour Collection

The Calypso brand has always been about simplicity. They have carried this mantra in all their products, including the packaging and, most importantly, the flavours.

Calypso drink flavours are divided into three distinct categories that make it easy for Calypso lovers to find their preferred drink:

  • Lemonades

This is the most diverse and the most popular flavour range Calypso offers. This flavour profile is highly inspired by lemons and lemonade hence the name. The flavours in this category include Ocean blue lemonade, Strawberry lemonade, original lemonade, southern peach lemonade, island wave lemonade, triple melon, paradise punch and kiwi lemonade, among others.

This range is also about the tanginess of lemon with a careful balance giving you a subtle tasting and slightly sweet drink that you can sip on all day.

  • Lights

The lights category is not as diverse as the lemonade options. However, the flavour profiles are exciting and riveting. Possible options include strawberry lemonade, ocean blue, southern peach and original lemonade. Whether you’re looking for a simple or more complex flavour, this category has just the right Calypso drink for you.

  • Limeades

Finally, there’s the limeades flavour category – a stunning and refreshing collection of flavour profiles that promise to leave your taste buds tingling and wanting more. This flavour collection includes the tropical infusions of pineapple peach limeade, sweet cherry limeade, cucumber limeade and Jamaica Limeade.

Given the growth and addition of flavours that Calypso has undertaken over the years, it’s almost certain that the brand will continue to add more enticing and refreshing flavours to its collection. At Flawless Vape, we will make it our mission to find and add any new Calypso flavours to our collection as soon as they are available.

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