Cheap Thrills

Cheap Thrills Rush Rush Yayo E liquid is the same Collar Popping new wave vibe but now in an ice palace ballroom. Featuring the Apple, Strawberry and Watermelon from before but now with a Koolada aftertaste.

Cheap Thrills Rush Rush Yayo E liquid comes as a 50ml short fill vaping e liquid containing 0mg of nicotine but there is space in the bottle for a nicotine shot to be added.

70% / 30% | VG / PG

Cheap Thrills Sunset Strip 0mg 50ml Shortfill E liquid features a blend of Fruits of the Forest flavours, such as Blueberries and Blackberries, married with the tart and tangy taste of Californian Oranges. Cheap Thrills Sunset Strip E liquid is a 50ml short fill and a nicotine free eliquid.

Disco Juice Peacha 25ml 0mg shortfill by Cheap Thrills is sweet and fruity with a cool finish. A peach jelly flavour makes up the body of this juice with juicy and sugary notes, swiftly followed by a combination of raspberry soda and pink lemonade for a tangy taste; a menthol exhale creates an icy finish.

Disco Juice Lemoneeza Gud 25ml 0mg shortfill by Cheap Thrills is a combination of tangy fruit flavours. On inhale you€™ll be hit by a layered citrus taste - thanks to a blend of orangelime and lemon notes, complemented by a light strawberry. On exhale a cola and aniseed fusion creates a sugary finish.

Disco Juice Grapecrasher 25ml 0mg short fill by Cheap Thrills is a sweet and layered blend. On inhale you€™ll detect a distinct mix of grape and pineapple flavours, that are both juicy with a hint of sour to them. On exhale a punchy citrus lime flavour is complemented by coconut and ice for a smooth finish.

Disco Juice Mango Mandy 25ml 0mg shortfill E liquid by Cheap Thrills features a tropical tasting blend of fruits for a summer vibe. On inhale and exhale a wave of mango, raspberry and lemonade creates a balance of sweet and tart flavours. A hint of sparkling water gives this mix a crisp and light finish.