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Crystal Bear E Liquid

Crystal Bear is home to some of the slushiest vape liquid flavours on the market. The brand has created a name out of make brewing vape liquids using exotic fruits. The result is standout flavours that leave vapers wanting more.

The packaging of their e-juices is just as commendable. While most vape liquid brands go with loud and vibrant colours, this brand has gone with a more subtle and elegant finish to their vape liquids which is appealing for users that don’t like attracting too much attention...

It's worth noting that in addition to the flavours, Crystal Bear also packs varying concentrations of nicotine in some of their e-juices. This is excellent news to vapers who like that throat hit.

For vapers that prefer otherwise, there are numerous flavours with 0mg nicotine in them that you can consider.

Crystal Bear Flavour Range

Even though Crystal Bear doesn't have the most advanced range of vape liquid flavours, it's safe to say they have just enough to give vapers something to be excited about. Their variety of flavours is perfect for adventurous vapers who are always looking for a new experience. The flavours include:

Strawberry Polar Slush

Packed with the strong undertones of berries, and fruity flavours, this liquid also packs the flavour tones of slushy, strawberry and has a menthol hit to it. It’s ideal for vapers who like to have some tartness to the sweetness.

Kiwi Polar Slush

The Kiwi Polar Slush is more subtle on the sweetness and focuses more on the menthol flavours, which are more noticeable. It has that fruity and slushy feel to it, but the menthol feel that fills your mouth at the end is what stands out with this flavour.

You can also try out other popular Crystal Bear flavours like Blue Razz Lemon Lime, Cherry Polar Slush, and Black Apple Polar Slush

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