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Dripp Mini

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Dripp Mini is a subsidiary company of the legendary vape manufacturer, Elux-The company that brought to us the mini disposable vape capable of over 1500 puffs.

At first glance, the Dripp Mini disposable vape doesn't look like much. It has a simple design that comes across as goofy yet cute. However, there's no going back once you give it a shot. Spec-wise, Dripp Mini vapes come with 400mAh inbuilt batteries capable of 600 puffs, 2% nicotine salt E-liquids, and organic cotton wicks.

As far as flavours are concerned, there is something for everyone. Dripp Mini disposable vapes also come in over 20 different flavours. We have to admit they're quite good. With a concentration ratio of 40%VG/60%PG, the throat hit is there but not overwhelming (The perfect balance). Below are some of Dripp Mini's best tastes:

Dripp Mini Flavours

The Dripp Mini Bloody Bull: It features the explosive citrus flavours of strawberry and grapes. The Blood Bull is the vape version of energy drinks. One puff is enough to happily get you up and about.

The Dripp Mini Blueberry Ice: It features the classic blueberry flavour with a hint of menthol. Because of its sweet inhale and cooling exhale, it makes for a perfect all-day vape. 

The Dripp Mini Blueberry Bubblegum: Indeed, very few things are sweeter than fruits and candy. Now imagine a combination of both! Also, unlike your everyday bubblegum, this vape e-liquid doesn't lose its sweet sugary flavour.

The Dripp Mini Blueberry Raspberry Lemonade: Nothing but summer vibes. It features an explosive blend of sweet blueberry and raspberry flavours with a hint of lemonade (To make things interesting). Despite its slightly tangy taste, it's kind on the throat.

The Dripp Mini Cola Ice: Here is a little something for all the Cola soda fans. It even has that fizzy feeling you get from the legendary beverage. Specifically, the vape features citrus, vanilla, cinnamon, and ice-cool flavours.

The Dripp Mini Rainbow Blast: It's exactly what it sounds like. A candy-inspired vape that will sweep you off your feet and take you to the land of fairies and rainbow ponies.

The Dripp Mini Passionfruit Guava: It's definitely among the rarest combos you'll ever come across. The guava offers sweetness whereas, the passion fruit offers a tart twist. It's a sophisticated flavour you should try.

The Dripp Mini Pink Lemonade: Have you ever tried the quintessential summer flavour of sweet red berries and sour lemonade. It offers the perfect balance of tastes. A vape dripping nostalgia.

Other noteworthy Dripp Mini flavours include Guava Ice, Mango Ice, Passion fruit Ice, Peach Ice, Sugarcane Ice, Strawberry Ice, Watermelon Ice, Grape Ice, and Sour Apple.

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