As the vaping industry continues to grow, Flawless Vape Shop aims to continue offering you the best quality products. We have very carefully chosen our products from the top trusted brands on the market including Innokin. Innokin was founded in 2011, and they have the goal of combining technological innovation with the highest standards and producing leading designs to give you the best quality electronic cigarettes.

Innokin is a significant company that designs and manufactures different electronic cigarette brands. They are the company behind the iClear, iTaste, iSub, CoolFire, Lily, Gladius, and the most recent, Innokincell. Their vaping products are widespread across the world, and we are very proud to offer their products as part of our extensive collection. ...

Starter Kits, Mods, and Electronic Cigarette

They are best known for their Advanced Personal Vaporizers that gives true vaping freedom to all consumers. With their products, you can be confident using your favourite e-liquid flavours and selecting the optimum power output to create the perfect taste with the right amount of the vapour!

Innokin’s electronic cigarettes are known for being technologically advanced and environmentally friendly as well. They don’t offer low-tech disposable e-cigs, and so you definitely won’t be wasting your money. Their teams of engineers and designers strive to offer you technologies and designs that are all unrivalled and unique.

Each of the Innokin devices has their unique style and functionality to give you the ultimate vaping experience!

UK’s Leading Vape Distributor

Many consumers trust Innokin and at Flawless Vape Shop, we understand that! We are known as one of the leading vape distributors and give you an extensive collection of various vaping products. From mods, starter kits, vaping hardware, and accessories – name it, and Flawless Vape Shop will be equipped.

We aim to offer the best experience to all our customers, and we only provide the products that have come from the top, reputable brands. Additionally, the customer support services here at Flawless Vape Shop will always be here to guide you.

Why Choose Flawless Vape Shop?

Flawless Vape Shop gives you a whole new experience of buying your favourite vaping products. Whether you are a beginner, or you have been using vaping for years, we have a range of products to give you guaranteed satisfaction.

As well as this, we can offer you many more perks!

  • We offer a free delivery service for purchases over £20.
  • We offer same day dispatch.
  • We are exclusive to a wide range of top brand products that have been trusted by the vaping community.
  • We have exclusive products that are selected from top trusted brands.
  • All products are quality tested to ensure high-quality.
  • We have one of the broadest range of liquids and hardware in the UK.

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