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Medusa Juice

Medusa E-juice is a revered premium vape juice brand. It’s based in Norfolk, United Kingdom. Its strongest virtue is the rich flavours it offers that stand at over 70. With so many options to choose from, it's safe to say there are plenty of flavours to sample from on the Medusa vape juice line.

Most of the juices have a 70/30 PG, VG blend making them ideal for most vaping setups. You can use these vape liquids on anything from basic clearomizers to tanks and even RBAs. The high PG blend helps the flavours to stand out more and have a stronger throat hit even in low-nicotine juices.

Vapers have a choice between 10ml plastic bottles and 30ml glass bottles. The packaging of the vape liquids includes the Medusa Juice logo and the flavour of the brand. 

There's no shortage of flavours under the Medusa e-juice brand. But, as with other vaping brands, some flavours are more popular than others. 

Medusa Juice Brands

  • Caerrus butterscotch Tobacco – The Caerrus butterscotch tobacco flavour is a one of a kind in many ways. It's perfect for sweet tooths who can't find something sweet enough for them. It's a delectable dessert flavour with a laidback tobacco taste that is not overwhelming. This is an excellent flavour for smokers who are transitioning into vaping.
  • Hypnos smooth Virginia – This is easily one of the most authentic tobacco flavours of the medusa juice flavours. The flavour doesn’t have an artificial taste or sweetness. Just a touch of the gold Virginia tobacco. For ardent smokers looking for a similar experience, this will do it for them.
  • Achelous original custard – Another great dessert flavour packed with sweet tones. You don't have to vape the flavour to get your tastebuds going. The smell alone is enough to get you salivating. It tastes like a creamy homemade vanilla custard without the pie. It's a great alternative for vapers looking for desserts but doesn't want to add a few inches around the waist.
  • Matton cookie dough – The dessert flavours just keep coming. The matton cookie dough flavour feels like you’re licking the spoon from a freshly made batch of chocolate chip cooking dough. You can actually taste the chocolate. You can easily place this unique flavour on the same level as some of the leading gourmet cookie flavours. The only difference is, this one comes with a leaner price tag that is more affordable.

Who would not recognise the winged female face with the hair of snakes and bandana-folding mask around her mouth? Medusa Juice Co. is well-known because of its logo and symbol that shows off the growth in the excellence of the brand. The company has started offering e-liquid products in 2014.

They have preserved their dedication to performance and quality and pledged to continue it. Currently, based in Kuala Lumpur, Medusa E Juice is particular to blending the art of science and offer quality e-juice that the market requires. Gladly, Flawless Vape Shop have tried and proven all of it and provide their products!

Quality Tested Juice

Medusa Juice Co. never settle for the sufficiency, and they produce iconic hits and flavours that are interesting for the consumers. Whether you are from hot and cold culture, tricksters or casual user – they have a perfect juice to offer! They routinely follow strict, stringent tests and processes that ensure the overall quality of their liquid and juices.

Each ingredient enhances the others, and the brand makes sure that there will be a proper ratio on the juices. Medusa Juice Co. follow relentlessly testing and reach the standard while never stop improving. Additionally, they only have premium ingredients, and all their flavours are made with their passion and commitment. For them, it’s always about elevating the taste.

UK's Leading Vape Distributor

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