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Vape Mods UK

The use of electronic cigarette and other accessories are becoming a big talk all over the world. A lot of people would like to try it out and reap all the benefits it has to offer! However, just like the other beginners, it is always important to be familiar on the things you have to know and the options for you to choose from. One of it is the use of e-cig mods.

E-cig mods refer to the large devices compared to the standard electronic cigarettes that you can find and known for producing higher vapour. It takes it to look and feature with the regular vape pens, but it has been modified to include advanced features. Hence it has a mod on its name. The advancements can be in different forms, and you may want to have a full understanding of this.

At Flawless Vape Shop, we are known to be one of the leading vape distributors in the UK, and we make sure that you are getting only the best vape products on the market. As such, we are proud to introduce the extensive collection of e-cig mods that you would surely love! From the beginners to advance users, we have something in store for you.

What is an E-Cig Mod?

As what we’ve mentioned earlier, it is the modified and enhanced vape pen. The mods were created to have larger batteries and would be able to hold more e-liquid content as well. Aside from that, the mechanism that is being used to heat the e-liquid is more powerful compared to the conventional electronic cigarette. It was a complete upgrade that you can have and made for all advanced users!

E-cigs have a long and rich history. The original e-cig idea was in 1927 by Joseph Robinson. However, the first e-cig was not to be made until 1963 when Herbert Gilbert made a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette. Since then, a lot of changes have been happening. And in 2003, the Chinese launched their first modern e-cig.

Today, you enjoy e-cigs from different brands and manufacturers. And without knowing the history, pain and hardship that went into making the products/industry into what it is today, you may take it for granted.

Flawless Vape Shop relishes the stories behind all vape brands – it’s what makes the individual brands unique. But even as we celebrate the stories, we also push for quality. And as such, we only get to showcase the best vaping products on our site – and Tesla is one of them.

Vape Mods vs. Advanced Personal Vaporizers

With many options available, the only thing that would matter is your preference. Some users would be more comfortable in using vape pens, while others would want the e-cig mods because of the enhanced performance. The latter would also help them in doing experiments and achieving a better experience.

Advantages of E-Cig Mods

E-cig mods come with a wide range of advantages that help many users decide on the best for their needs. Those include the below:

  • Look good: E-cig mods are often designed to have better style look because of its size. You’d be able to find tons of it in different colours and design that can match your style.
  • More power and vapour: One of the most common reasons on why people are switching to e-cig mods is because it is available with a higher power range than the standard e-cigarette. This means that you can use this with low resistance atomisers and produce more vapour.
  • More control: E-cig mods allow you to have advanced features and control the vaping experience you are going to have. It let you adjust the speed which the coil heats and other things that can make the whole experience better!
  • Battery life: We all know how hard to deal with e-cigarette that would die on you when using it. That’s why e-cig mods let you have a more significant battery capacity. It last longer between charges and may be more convenient to your needs.

Almost all of the e-cig mod is loaded with the best features you need such as the variable wattage, useful extras, stealth mode and others that you can only find from them! If you are in doubt, then make sure to ask for the experience of other people, so you can be more familiar with what to expect.

Safety Features and Protections

Most of the e-cigarette mods have chips that can be controlled on the power output. This tends to come with more built-in safety features that make it easier for you to stay confident while vaping. One of it is that it has low battery cut-off. This can prevent you from vaping when your battery is too low on charge. This is also important to protect you against possible accidental firing while it is inside your pocket.

New product designs

Tesla, like any other future-thinking company, produces vaping products that solve problems. Yes, the primary goal of most people is to blow clouds of smoke. However, there are certain conditions surrounding individuals that can curtail the ultimate experience. These factors include the fact that once is always on the move, nicotine levels, flavour preferences and need to tinker with mod technology.

To cater to those who are always on the road, Tesla has small and lightweight pods. A perfect example is the Tesla TPOD AIO pod vape starter kit. This specific kit is compact and futuristic – it’s something you’d expect to feature in a sci-fi film.

Why Choose Flawless Vape Shop?

Buying e-cig mods and any other vaping products is quite a challenge for most of the consumers. Everything seems the best for the beginners. That’s why, at Flawless Vape Shop, we’ve become responsible for selecting the best quality of vaping products on the market and offer you one of the most significant collections. We’ve have over 4,000 products to choose from and can surely provide the guaranteed experience and satisfaction you want from your vaping experience.

If vaping is your new found passion, you want to work with a company that is just as passionate as you are. This way, you are guaranteed high-quality. As a vape shop, we have risen through the ranks, and we are proud to note that we are the top vape distributors in the UK.