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Mondo is an exquisite vape liquids brewer that delivers sublime experiences. The brand is dedicated to providing a distinctive and fresh touch to the vape market with impressive quality, tantalising flavour and irresistible prices.

The company is based in Spain, promising to deliver the Mediterranean experience directly to your tastebuds. Although Mondo doesn’t enjoy the same popularity as some vape liquid brands, it's only a matter of time. Vapers that have tried this line of vape liquids have been impressed by their quality and flavour combinations.

Most of the flavour names out of Mondo's staple are pretty common. But the taste has a unique Spanish twist to it that makes it stand out and remain memorable. This range of liquids is co-designed by Vapers Experience, which is a famous flavour house in Spain.

Mondo Vape Liquid Flavour Range

  • Iced Mango – This tropical flavour with a touch of the Mediterranean is one of the most popular out of Mondo’s range of flavours. The intense, fruity mango flavour is seasoned with a touch of wild currant to give it a sweet base with a touch of tartness for that extra fieriness. The flavour is topped with the freshness of ice which is bound to leave your taste buds tingling and wanting more.
  • Pink watermelon – The pink watermelon flavour is an excellent choice for the vapers that love sweet but subtle flavours that make great all-day vapes. This definitive e-liquid flavour features the aroma and taste of sweet fruit trees. The flavour is slightly complex, featuring various tones designed to take your tongue through a rollercoaster. The flavours include cotton candy and strawberry flavours blended with a sumptuous watermelon overtone. The flavour is carefully balanced to deliver a fantastic tropical experience that will keep you coming back.
  • Lemon Cream Pie – The lemon cream pie merges two exploits into one. It brings the citrus world highlighted by the lemons and the pastry world of cream pies making one delectable mash in your mouth. The taste of both lemons and a freshly baked pie linger in your mouth long after you have completed your vaping sessions allowing you to reminisce over the masterfully mixed flavours.
  • Nutty blend – The nutty blend allows vapers the savour the deep and complex taste of sweet tobacco balanced with notes of vanilla, cocoa, and malted milk. It’s a complex earthy blend with nutty and creamy tones that are perfect for vapers that prefer mature and complex flavours.
  • Classic blend – The classic blend is one of Mondo’s most storied flavours offering exceptional taste and maturity. It takes the RY4 concept to another level. It is an immense favourite among Mondo lovers and pushes the scales of elegance to new levels ensuring vapers can enjoy the layered flavour of this vape liquid.
  • Blue ice – Blue ice is an enigmatic fruity recipe well layered to toy with your tongue and enhance your palate. The flavour is intense, seasoned with black currant. The cherished icy finish is exceptional and one that leaves most vapers wanting more.