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Nanna's Secret

Nanna Secrets has been in the vaping circles since 2018. In the short time that the brand has been around, they have impacted vapers with their flavourful and unique vape liquid collection. Inspired by family traditions, and the secrecy of the best kept secrets. Nanna Secrets has constantly delivered excellent tasting vape liquids – but never shares the secrets.

Creativity in the flavour profile of the vape liquids is what has made Nanna become one of the best-selling brands from Manchester, UK.

Nanna Secrets Flavour Range

Vapers who decide to give Nanna a chance will have an easy time finding the vape liquid that appeals to their tastebuds. The e-juices are cleverly split into three main categories, each with a unique blend and range of flavours to appeal to a specific range of vapers.

The original series

The original series from Nanna features the best kept and most innovative flavours from the brand. These flavours are unique to Nanna. The vape liquids are made from the best quality ingredients delivering a flavourful performance with thick clouds. This range features a little bit of everything from fruity flavours, breakfast and dessert-inspired vape liquids.

If you’re looking for a vape liquid flavour that stands out and one that you have never tried before, then the original series from Nanna is a must-try.

The fruits series

The fruity series is a welcome surprise for the more conventional vapers that prefer to stay with the flavours they are familiar with, offering a balance of familiar flavours with a dash of uniqueness and a pleasant surprise with every draw.

The fruits series features all your favourite single fruit flavours blended to perfection like lemonade and a blend of fruits mashed together for the ultimate tropical experience. Some of the more notable flavours include the Rainbow twist, mango lime and summer fruits.