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Squid Industries

Squid Industries is a vape brand built out of passion and sheer determination. The United States-based brand was formed by a former US Navy veteran who served in the combat theatre. After overcoming personal struggles, including homelessness and substance abuse. In his long path to recovery, he fell in love with the vaping community and taught himself to handcraft beautiful box mods as his contribution to healthy living. From these humble beginnings rose Squid Industries, a company founded on love for the community.

Squid Industries is unlike any other vaping company. It is firmly rooted in love for the community and extends a portion of its proceeds as donations to non-profits and charity. If you're looking for a brand that shares your love for vaping and giving back to the community, Squid Industries perfectly fits the description.

Since it was founded, Squid Industries has developed a range of impressive high-end vape mods, RDAs and RTAs. The most notable has been the double-barrel V2 and V3 and the Peacemaker RTA. There's an amazing selection of hardware pieces that you're going to love from this manufacturer. 

Squid Industries Product Range

To keep up with the high demands of the vaping world, Squid vape has a variety of vaping products, including vape hardware and e-liquids.


Squid Industries has an extensive range of cutting-edge mods, including the famed Detonator and Double Barrel mods. The mods are carefully designed to provide the ultimate vaping experience.


To enhance that vaping experience, Squid Industries offers a wide range of tanks, which include MTL and direct lung tanks. The tanks come in various shapes, designs and sizes to suit different users and different vaping devices.

As with the mods, Squid Industries has also put together a remarkable line of vape tanks. These include the Peacemaker V2, The Squad RBA atomiser, the Squad Tank Atomizer, the Peacemaker Tank and the detonator.

Each of the tanks promises a unique experience and amazing vaping performance. The tanks are carefully designed with an alluring appearance catering to both MTL and direct lung vapers. You can choose from a selected range of colours depending on your preference.


Squid Industries is about providing vapers with the full vaping experience. They have achieved this by providing vapers with the full range of hardware they need to customise their vaping experience. The vaping hardware they provide includes coils. Their most notable option is the 25mm single coil. However, there are several other options that you can consider depending on your vaping preference.

For a premium vaping experience, you can choose from a variety of Squid vape coils, which include the Freemax Firelux range, the Super Mesh, and the PeaceMaker varieties. Each of the coils provides a different performance and a unique experience. 


Squid Vape is not only limited to providing vaping hardware. The brand also offers a variety of replacement accessories to save you from the trouble of investing in new vaping equipment prematurely. These include batteries, replacement atomizer glass, silicone cases, customised drip tips, and battery adapters.


Squid Industries rounds off its stellar collection of vaping products with an extensive collection of e-liquids that come in different flavours. The largely fruit-inspired vape liquids are a joy to vape and provide an excellent experience that tells of the quality and brewing expertise that goes into blending the juices.

RDA and RTAs

For the most experienced vapers who like to have full control of their vaping experience, Squid Industries has RDA and RTAs with varying features and designs to build your coils and tailor your vaping experience how you see fit.

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