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Teardrip Juice

Teardrip Juice Co is unlike any other vape juice brand in the market. Other than the immense experience of their head brewers, the same team also boasts as one of the most experienced in vaping.

That’s why the brand has enjoyed so much success. They don’t shy away from defying the norm and taking up a challenge. They are best known for rectifying the tendency of high VG liquids to have less flavour depth. Their line of e-juices is created to bring flavour, quality, and intricacy to juices with a high VG ratio.

Having the most experienced set of tastebuds in the facility also counts for something. That is why their liquids have so much depth and flavour.

The California based brand also pays homage to the West Coast scene which is quite dear to its founders. If you’re looking for vaping juice that packs character, Teardrip will take good care of you.


Quality Tested Teardrip Juices

Teardrip has set extremely high standards of quality for all its products. They use the best quality ingredients possible and have a high-end facility where they brew and test all of their products. 

As if that's not enough, we double-check all the vape juices they deliver to our warehouse to guarantee they meet our rigorous standards.

Enjoy the vast range of quality Teardrip juices without any doubt in your mind that they meet and surpass the set standards.

All their juices come in 50ml packaging and you can choose to have the Blitz, Pearamel, guavarino or the Revenge of the Geek flavours. The liquids are nicotine-free and perfect for cloud chasers!  

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