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VPN Liquids

VPN Liquids is known as the home for ridiculously good flavours and rightfully so. Unlike most vaping brands that have focused on producing volume, hoping one catches on, VPN liquids have perfected the art using a handful of flavours that will sweep you off your feet.

Their most popular flavours are Fitzcelli which is a great all-day option that guarantees to leave you smiling each day you vape on it. It's an impressive stable flavour with an interesting twist that shows how far VPN liquids is willing to go to give their loyalists the best vaping experience. Fitzcelli is a combination of a basket full of berries balanced by a balance of clean, fresh flavours.

The other popular flavour by VPN Liquids is I’m Chad! It’s a flavour that does the speaking for itself and one worth the experience. If you’re feeling buzzy and in the mood for a party in your mouth, this flavour has you covered.

If you feel like taking a chance on something new today, the VPN Liquid range of vape juices is just what the doctor ordered!


Quality Tested VPN Liquids

VPN Liquids is a brand dedicated to the quality of their e-juices. They don’t rush to discover new flavours. Instead, they take time to perfect the current blends and improve both the test and the quality.

Their attention to detail is what has made their vape liquids such a hit with vapers and one that you’re going to love as well.

At Flawless Vape Shop, we don't take their word for it. We also get into the thick of things and test the e-juices delivered to us not only by VPN Liquids but also with all the other brands that we stock. We take product quality very seriously and we always want our shoppers to get fresh bottles of vape juice every time they shop with us.

UK’s Leading Vape Distributor

When it comes to vaping, don’t risk your experience by going for anything other than the best. As a leading distributor in the UK, you’re assured of the best quality products from our stores.

We move high volumes of vaping products each day so you can always get the freshest vape juices and newest parts and hardware.

We also present you with infinite diversity to choose from. With us, you have numerous options at your disposal. No matter where your vaping dreams take you, rest assured we will be there to help you make them a reality with our extensive stock and reasonable prices.

Why Choose Flawless Vape Shop?

  • Exclusive distributor – Is there something or a brand you’ve been searching in futility? It could be because we are the only distributor for that product and we always prioritise our customers. As an exclusive distributor for some of the leading vaping brands, there are products and juices that you can’t find anywhere else other than in our store!
  • Plenty of incentives – Shopping with Flawless Vape Shop UK comes with numerous benefits. Other than the variety we have, you also get free delivery when you spend £30 or more in our store. We also offer same day dispatch on products ordered before 5pm.