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Coil Master Skynet


Product Description

The Coil Master Skynet coil case carries 8 different kind of advanced premade coils which made from high quality wires. The case itself is reusable for storing coils and parts like o-rings, screws, etc.

Item SPEC. I.D. (mm) Material Res.
Fused Clapton 26AWG*2+39AWG 3 NI80 0.3±0.05
Tortuosity 23AWG 3 NI80 0.22±0.05
Clapton Parallel 26AWG*2+39+26AWG 3 NI80 0.3±0.05
Interlock Clapton (26+32AWG)+24AWG 3 A1+NI80 0.3±0.05
Fused Clapton(TWIST) 28AWG*2+32AWG 3 A1 0.45±0.05
Flat Clapton 0.3*0.8MM+32AWG 3 A1 0.45±0.05
Clapton 26AWG+32AWG 2.8 A1 0.6±0.05
Super Tiger Coil 22AWG+0.4*0.08MM 3 NI80+A1 0.6±0.05


  • Skynet coil case x1
  • Coils x48
  • Coil Master Lotto card x1
  • Weight: 130g
  • Dimension: 148 x 25mm
  • Packing: Gift box

The collection of coils includes six different Claptons and a Tiger coil and a Tortuosity Coil. The Clapton coil even though requiring a solid set of skills is not nearly as difficult to build like other custom option.


The coils hold up quite well in RTA and RTDA set ups. All eight options have minimal ramp-up times and are quite decent in dissipating the heat after vaping. You might want to try the different wattage ranges because some of them performed well in lower ranges while others are designed for high ranges.


The set of Coil Master Skynet coil kit is quite durable and will easily go for a month. It’s important to note that the frequency of intensity of vaping might affect the life of the coil. Also, routine cleaning to remove particulates will increase longevity and improve performance.

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