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Smok RPM RBA Coil 1pack

by Smok
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RPM RBA Coil by Smok is a cutting edge rebuildable coil deck compatible with the Smok RPM 40 / Smok RPM 40 Pod. This coil is 0.6ohm resistance making it very versatile and allowing it to produce a range of cloud types. 
  • 1x SMOK RPM 40 RBA Coil
  • Coil: 0.6ohm

Smok is one of the leading vape hardware manufacturers in the world. It's credited for making a long line of atomizers, pods, batteries, mods and coils, most of which are favourites among vapers.

For vapers using the Smok RPM2, the Smoke Alike, the Smok Nord 2, Smok Pozz X, Smok Scar P5 and the Smok Fetch Pro, among other similar devices, the Smok RPM RBA 1 pack coil will be of interest. This rebuildable atomizer is designed to work with a vast range of Smok devices and delivers an amazing experience even in underpowered devices.

Smok RPM RBA Coil Specifications and Features

The Smok RPM RBA Coil is a single coil rebuildable atomizer with a 0.6ohm coil resistance and weighs about 10g. The fairly priced device offers a large heating area, well-balanced flavour and dense vapour. It is made from high-quality materials that are energy efficient and maximise every watt produced by the device.

The device is compatible with all RGC pods meaning you can use it on a vast range of Smok mods which is perfect for vapers that want to experiment with the different devices.

Build Quality and Design

The airflow structure of the Smok RPM RBA Coil is very much like that of the premade coils that come with the Smoke Fetch Pro.

It has two wicking ports found at the base of the RBA, making wicking easier and preventing overflooding of the coil and the wicking material.

The coil has a simple and straightforward design with a top cover with well-machined threads and unscrews easily to reveal the build deck.

Build Deck

The Smok RPM RBA Coil has one raised post that makes the most out of the limited space on the build deck. There’s plenty of threading on the tiny screws to give you the right amount of tension. The RBA comes with a Phillips head screwdriver to make working the screws easier.

Despite the small stature of the screws, they are relatively easy to work with. You will also find a sizeable inlet port on the deck that will allow air to come in directly beneath the coil. Having the inlet centrally above the coil ensures excellent delivery.

The RBA is perfect for both DL and MTL vapers. For MTL vapers, there’s a plug that comes inside the package that you can use to limit the airflow for an MTL draw. For DL vapers, you can do without the plug.

The Smok RPM RBA is an excellent choice for vapers that are just starting to work with rebuildable atomizers because of its simple design. Experienced vapers will find the performance and experience of the atomizer exceed expectations.

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