Sweet Melon by Litejoy 10ml

by Litejoy

Sweet Melon eliquid has a sweet, rich flavour that is reminiscent of eating a juicy Cantaloupe Melon. You will love this eliquid so much you may even want to marry it, we're sad to say though - it cantaloupe (can't elope, get it?).

Sweet Melon 10ml eliquid is available in the following nicotine strengths:

- 2.4% (24mg) High Strength
- 1.8% (18mg) Medium Strength
- 0.8% (8mg) Low Strength
- 0% (0mg) Nicotine free

Litejoy premium quality 10ml nicotine free eliquid in Sweet Melon flavour is pre-mixed for your convenience. Ingredients: Pharmaceutical grade nicotine, water, propylene glycol, glycerol and Litejoy flavours. PG 70%/VG 30%. May contain nuts.

Our nicotine free eliquids are based on popular shisha flavours and focus on providing a great tasting fruit vapour. Litejoys Sweet Melon eliquid contains none of the toxins found in regular shishas and contains no nicotine so is none addictive.

Eliquids are supplied in plastic bottles with child-proof lids. Litejoy eliquids are made to UK/EU/US standards.

Additional product information: Litejoy Sweet Melon eliquid is perfect for use with ego-t electronic cigarettes. A Litejoy ego-t electronic cigarette or ego-t e shisha holds 2.4ml of e liquid so a 10ml bottle will provide 4.16 tank refills - 1 refill of eliquid lasts an average 20 a day smoker around 1 day. Packaging may vary. Eliquid colour may vary according to the batch, it is perfectly normal for your Litejoy eliquid to be clear, yellow, orange or light brown.