How to Prime a Coil?

The coil is one of the main parts of a vape whose significance cannot be underrated. This is why when installing a new coil, you have...

Mar 30 2023
Post by Callum Colley

A Beginner’s Guide to Temperature Control Vaping

Table of Contents What is “Temperature Control” Vaping? Benefits of Temperature Control Vaping No more dry hits Increases coil life Battery life Vape consistency How to...

Jun 16 2021
Post by Callum Colley

How Much Nicotine In a Vape?

Table of Contents What is Nicotine? Standard Nicotine Levels What is the Right Amount of Nicotine? 1. Too Low 2. Too High 3. Just Right How to...

Feb 25 2019
Post by Callum Colley