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Elf Bar Mate 500 P1 Pre-filled Pods

by Elf Bar
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The P1 Prefilled Pods are filled with the best flavours from the Elfbar Disposable range and come complete with 20mg of nicotine with a capacity of 2 ml. These are closed system pods meaning that once all the liquid has been used, you are unable to refill them, simply dispose of it and load up another.

The P1 Prefilled Pods are compatible with the Mate 500 device and provide a great nicotine delivery system. They also utilise a 1.2ohm pod and provide a Mouth To Lung vaping style to create the sensation of a draw of a cigarette more accurately. 

Each pack contains 2 prefilled pods. 

The Elf Bar Mate 500 pod is a perfect starter kit designed with convenience and utmost satisfaction in mind. Crafted to perfection, the disposable pod delivers an unrivalled vaping experience, leaving you craving more.

Despite being the best starter kit, elf bar mate 500 pods come in sleek designs and feature delectable flavours. This makes the vape the best choice for any vaper who demands smooth, satisfying, and indulging vapour.

Elf Bar Mate Pods Key Features

Elf Bar is a renowned vape company for amazing devices with better value. The elf bar mate pod is no different. Here are some features that contribute to its unique benefits:

Leak proof design

The elf bar mate pod features a leak-proof design, reducing the risk of messy vaping. As a result, you are sure of efficient e-liquid usage, protection of every internal component in the pod and extended lifespan. This ensures the pod remains intact and functional, reducing its frequent replacement.

Huge range of flavours

The pod has various flavours, catering to different individuals’ moods and cravings. This is a chance to experiment with any flavour of your choice while avoiding vaper fatigue from repeatedly vaping the same flavour.

The huge variety also adds to the endless possibilities that every vaper using the Elf Bar Mate 500 pods is entitled to. From relaxing evening blends to energising morning flavours, there’s something to suit every vaper’s preferences.

Compact and portable

The compact size of the elf bar mate 500 pod makes it easy to carry the device in your pocket or bag comfortably. The compact design and small size also allow for discreet vaping, especially when you wouldn’t want to raise eyes from anyone around you. This ensures you can satisfy your vape cravings with a hassle-free experience.

Elf Bar Mate 500 Pod Flavour Profile

In addition to their quality vape device manufacturing, elf bar is renowned for formulating amazing e-liquids with a huge variety of flavours. Here are some of the most common flavours you can enjoy with the Elf bar mate 500 pods:

Explain the following elf bar mate 500 pod flavours


Elf bar has a way of capturing a luscious essence in its banana flavours. The creamy sweetness of ripe bananas is quite immersing and offers a smooth, satisfying vape for the best tropical paradise feel. This lets you enjoy the sweet tropical vaping experience with a banana aroma.


The flavour features a cool burst of sun-riped strawberries with delightful sweetness, perfect for your short break when you need to rest from your busy schedules. The elf bar mate pod strawberry flavour also comes with a bright and vibrant taste, making it the best option to awaken your senses for a sweet morning delight.

You can also take advantage of this flavour and use it for your after meals as a dessert, in hot afternoons or during your outdoor adventures.


Watermelons are known for their refreshing and juicy tastes. Therefore, the Elf bar mates 500 pods capture the mouthwatering feel to give you a cool and refreshing vape that will satisfy you.  Whether relaxing at the beach with friends or enjoying your break outdoors, the watermelon flavour is the best option for a refreshing, delicious treat.

Red Apple

Experience the familiar taste of biting into a sweet and freshly picked apple. The flavour makes the best choice for your snack moments, but you don’t want unnecessary calories. The red apple-flavoured pod delivers a satisfying combination of sweetness and tartness with a familiar taste of a classic fruit in every puff you take.

Cotton Candy

Having fun celebrations or craving sugary treats for your sweet tooth but don’t know what to go for? Elf bar mate 500 pod offers you a mouth-melting sweetness with its cotton candy flavours. This makes your best addition for your desert pairings or all the moments when you need to treat yourself. The sugary treat evokes sweet memories of all carnivals and fairs you’ve been to, adding to your experience.

Elf Bar Mate 500 Pod Performance

The Mate 500 offers an exceptional performance, it’s no wonder the growing popularity of elf bar devices. Equipped with 1.2-ohm built-in coils, the elf bar mate allows for tighter vapour draws, mimicking the sensation of a traditional cigarette. The built-in coils are significant in that, incase of burnout; you don’t need to worry about matching the coils. Replace the pod and continue enjoying your leak-free and mess-free vape moments.

The prefilled e-liquid also comes formulated with 20mg of quick-acting nicotine, leaving your cravings entirely satisfied. This, in addition to the inhale activation mechanism featured in the pod, makes it the best option for ex-smokers craving a cigarette-like experience.

With the inhale activation, it means you don’t have to struggle around with complex buttons to start the vape. Instead, the heating coil is activated automatically as you draw in air on the mouthpiece.

Elf bar manufacturers of the Mate 500 pod also considered the device’s environmental impact. Therefore, the pod’s eco-friendly design means you will enjoy your flavoured experience while minimising the environmental impact.