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Flawless Vape Shop is the UKs leading provider of vape, vaping hardware, accessories, starter kits, tanks, disposable vapes and E-liquids. We focus on providing outstanding customer service and quality products. We receive brand new hardware and juices direct from manufacturers every day, and offer you exactly the same products that we ship out every day to stores around UK and Europe. Don’t wait around for another shop to get the products you want in stock, get them straight from the supplier!

We're praised for our incredibly fast and free delivery services! You can order before 6:30pm (Mon-Fri), we'll dispatch the same business day and your chosen courier will delivery your parcel the next day. We also ship on Saturday and Sundays, often for delivery as soon as Monday. Plus, you can spend £20 and get free Next Working Day delivery. For more information on domestic and international delivery, visit our delivery information page.

*In-Store Collections:

Pick up orders at our Beaumont Leys Store ONLY (7 Sheene Rd, Leicester LE4 1BF). Items are ready to pick up after 2 hours of placing an order.  Collection is available Mon - Fri only. Please wait for the confirmation email that will tell you when your order is ready to collect. Please do not attempt to collect your order after 12pm on the weekend, as our warehouse will be closed. 📦

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Vape Shop Online UK

We stock a wide range vaping products from the top brands around from the world. Our ranges of products are all TPD compliant and meet the strict safety and quality standards. Whether you are a beginner or a pro in vaping industry – We have something for you!

Craving for your favourite e-liquid, but have no stock at your local vape shop UK? Want to try mods but can’t find the perfect vaping hardware? We can help. We make sure that you’ll be the first one to hear about the arrivals of our new products, flavours and more! As the largest distributors of vaping products in the UK, we get our hands on the latest products before anyone else.

Flawless Vape Shop UK is one of the largest vape products stockers, with thousands of products in our catalogue at any given time. We have distribution rights from most leading vape brands in the UK and overseas, making us one of the leading vape distributors in the UK.

We aim to use technology to make shopping for vape products convenient for all vapers. Now vapers have access to thousands of vape products from the comfort of their homes. Unlike walking into your local vape shop, where the selection is limited, Flawless Vape Shop allows you to make your wildest vaping dream a reality.

Being one of the leading Disposable vape distributors in the UK country, we get special treatment from manufacturers like getting new products and vape e-liquids first, giving you the chance to be among the first to try any new vape products first.

Vape Shop Product Range

Every vaper deserves a diligent vape supplier driven to provide you with the best experience by stoking the latest vape hardware and vape juices UK. For years, Flawless Vape UK has been that reliable and reputable vape supplier for thousands of vapers. We have steadily grown to become a leading supplier and distributor of vape products in the UK and Europe. Here's why you should buy your next vape juice or vape hardware from us:

Vaping UKis an adventurous, exciting, never-ending journey, and no two vapers have the same taste or experience. With our diverse selection of vape products and vape liquids UK, you can take control of your vaping journey. We have everything you need to get started, upgrade your experience or even remain at the top with the latest and most advanced gadgets and delicious vape liquids.

E-Liquids Vapes UK

We stock e-liquids from all the leading brands and some of the best-kept secrets that only the most avid vapers know of. We also have exclusive distribution rights for some vape juice brands that you can only find here at Flawless Vape Shop in UK.

Whether you’re a cloud chaser looking for vape juices with the largest clouds or a novice trying to find their taste, we have the perfect vape juice for you.

Our selection includes shortfills, nic salts and nic shots. We cater to the most demanding and free-spirited vapers with an "anything goes" approach. With our extensive selection of e-liquids, you can craft your own path and switch your vaping experiences as you like.

For avid vapers that want to get more from their budget, we have multi-buys. You can buy a pack of selected vape liquids to save money and ensure you have your favourite brand of vape liquids by your side at all times.

Disposable Vapes Shop in UK

Disposable vapes have been the largest beneficiary of the growing popularity of vaping. A few years ago, only a handful of disposable vapes existed, and now, every brand is scampering to release their disposable vape UK.

These devices are preferred for their straightforward approach and stress-free operation. They have made it easy for new vapers to enjoy vaping without spending a fortune on advanced devices which they can’t operate well.

Disposable vapes are maintenance-free, don't require refilling or recharging. The device is ready to vape out of the package, and once it's depleted, you can dispose and purchase a new one.

We stock all the leading disposable vape brands, including refillable options for vapers that want a more flexible experience. The vapes come in dozens of flavour and nicotine configurations, so you can easily find something that works for you.

Shop Vape Kits Online UK

Kits are a bit more advanced. They are perfect for seasoned vapers that want to customise their experience. Vape kits Online UK come in multiple configurations and settings that appeal to different types of vapers. We stock various types of vape kits UK, including:

  • Starter kits – Starter kits are an excellent starting point for vapers venturing into advanced vape hardware. They ease you into the world of features that vapes offer. They are smaller and more forgiving. With our range of starter kits, you can choose everything from bare-bones starter kits with only a handful of features to more advanced options that let you customise every aspect of your vaping experience.
  • Pen style kits – Pen-style kits are the perfect partner for on-the-road vaping. They are compact, lightweight and portable.
  • Pod style kits – These are slightly more advanced than pod-style kits. They offer more features and are better suited for advanced vapers.
  • Sub-ohm kits – Sub-ohm kits are the crème de la crème of the vaping world. Every seasoned vaper wants one, and we have them from all the leading brands. We even have some that are legends in the vaping world and have amassed a cult-like following. So whether you're purchasing your first sub ohm kit or looking to get to the big leagues, we have the variety so you can choose what works for you.

Shop Mods Online UK

Mods are a preserve of the most experienced vapers with an understanding of the law of physics. Mods are simpler and have fewer features than kits. But they deliver the ultimate vape experience. Mods have larger batteries that give you more power for a longer vaping experience and thicker clouds. Like our other vape categories, you can choose from an extensive range of mods. They come in various tank and battery capacities and prices to suit your taste and pockets.

At Flawless Vape, you have the largest selection of vape products under one roof. We have thousands of products and a regularly updated catalogue to ensure all the latest vapes and e-liquids are at your fingertips. We combine our extensive catalogue with exceptional service and customer support so you can start enjoying your vape experience long before your order gets to you.

Why Choose Us?

There’s plenty of reasons why you should consider shopping for your vape products with us. A few of these include:

  • Convenience – Enjoy complete convenience when buying vape products from Flawless Vape. Not only do you have thousands of vape products to choose from, but you also don't have to leave your home to shop, and even better, we will deliver the products to your doorstep.
  • Quality guarantee – You never have to worry about the quality of the products you purchase from us. We have a rigorous quality assurance process that ensures you only get the best products so you can focus on enjoying vaping and not worrying.
  • Plenty of benefits – We’re not your average vape shop. We’re driven to deliver the best online shopping experience to every vaper. We guarantee the best and most efficient customer support, plenty of in-store deals, sales, and discounts, and we also offer free delivery for some of the orders within the UK.

There is no need to wait for your local shop to stock up their shelves; our online store will have what you're looking for first! From vape kits , vape coils, Amercian sweets, to vape pods, box mods, vape pens, nic salts, Elf Bar liquids, vape clearance stock, disposable vape and more! Here at Flawless Vape Shop, we always put the customer first and make them our priority. With that, we give you only the best on the market and daily update our website with new stock. Browse through our collection and if you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgeable team who are here to help.

Flawless Vape Shop is Now Closer to Your Location

We have various physical locations strategically located to serve as many vapers as possible. To enhance the in-store experience, each store comprises of a team of experienced vapers who can give you insight into the best vaping products and even give you insight on the best path to take when quitting smoking.

The shops are open 7 days a week and located in different areas around Leicester. The shops are open as early as 8:30 AM to 5 PM with some locations closing as late as 6 PM on workdays, and 11 AM to 4 PM on Sundays.