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Vape Pods

Over the years, thousands of people have leaned on the use of vaping to break the habit of using tobacco cigarettes. It has been common talk all over the world. Despite the battle of negative and positive discussions, there are still new innovations that can match the specific needs of more and more users on the market every day. That is how the use of vape pods or pod systems became popular today.

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At Flawless Vape Shop, we couldn’t miss the chance of offering the best quality of vape pods available today! We have a full collection of vape pods that are manufactured and designed by top and trusted brands. These vape pods are powerful, impressive and commonly offered for lower prices. It’s a win-win vaping device that is worthy of your every penny! ...

What is a Vape Pod?

Ultra-Portable Systems or POD is an average vaping device that goes in the middle of your expensive box mod and gas station disposable vape pens. The design is often similar to a cartomizer, but it is more versatile when it comes to power and e-liquid capacity. With the use of a vape pod, you can enjoy the ease of use due to a pocket-sized vapouriser that many people love.

It has a battery life that lasts longer, and there are different systems available that give you the right level of customization that works best for you. Aside from that, Vape Pods are known for having cartridges that have the wick, coil and e-liquid included. While the battery and vape pen usually have a battery capacity of around 180mAh, the POD systems have a battery capacity of about 300mAh.

Advantages of Using Vape Pods

Like any other vaping devices, vape pods may be offered with its advantages that are meant for the overall experience of the users. These ultra-portable vaporizers are surely a plus but let us tell you what more you can enjoy.

  • Broader Appeal. Vape pods often come with pre-filled high quality and fragrant e-liquids that makes it more appealing to vapers. They are easy to use and capable of vaping thicker e-liquid. This makes it more convenient to use and ideal for all the needs of many vapers. Aside from that, even though it is portable, it is still equipped with sub-ohm coils!
  • Stronger Hit of Nicotine. We all know that many beginners would be fond of using the everyday vape pen because of the high-quality e-liquid mixed with nicotine levels! Vape pods are designed to carry much more nicotine content and allow you to have higher concentrations without sacrificing the overall taste of the flavour.
  • Leak Proof. Are you a victim of the leaky tank? This is can be a common problem, but with a vape pod, you don’t have to worry about it. These are pre-built and come with disposable cartridges, so there will be no chance of leaky tanks!
  • Innovative. Ultra-portable devices are best for its design and features. It quickly works when activated and gives you a hit as soon as you take a breath. It is also highly recommended for the beginners.

Open vs. Closed Systems

When checking out vape pod systems, you’ll find options of open and closed systems. The closed vape pod works like a cartomizer and is already loaded with e-liquid. This isn’t refillable, and you can throw it away once all e-liquid is gone. This works the same as the disposable cartomizers and is beneficial for the beginners.

On the other hand, the open pod is refillable and works like an ordinary tank. This allows you to put whatever e-liquid that you like and is more flexible to use than the other vape pod systems. However, keep in mind that this isn’t suitable for taking up e-liquid with higher VG contents and you have to focus on ensuring your liquid has the right ratio of VG and PG content before trying it out.

Why Choose Flawless Vape Shop?

Vape pod systems are popular today because of the design, style and overall features. At Flawless Vape Shop, we couldn’t miss the chance to offer you this innovative product! We have been in the market to search for the best quality and reliable pod system that you can use for your needs and preferences. All of our products are quality tested and are selected by our professional team to ensure that you are only going to have the best from the best!

Achieve smoothest vaping transaction and experience with our shop! Stay confident and full of ease on every purchase you’ll make.