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10 Electronic Cigarette Problems and How to Fix Them

10 Electronic Cigarette Problems and How to Fix Them

Are you having problems with your vape? You’re not alone. Every vaper runs into problems with their equipment once in a while. Some are more common than others.  Even though some of these problems can be very annoying, the fixes are usually simple as long as you know what to do. To make your vaping experience better, here are 10 of the most common e-cig problems and how you can fix them.

E-Cig Problems Countdown

1. Nicotine hits are not strong enough

This happens to most vapers who are just starting out and particularly those that are making the switch from smoking. If you’re not satisfied with the strength of nicotine in your e-cig, you probably have one of two problems.

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It could be that you’re using a low level of nicotine in your e-liquid. The solution for this is simple and straightforward. All you have to do is up to the concentration of nicotine in your juice. But, it’s recommended that you do this in small doses.

The other problem that could be causing your dissatisfaction is if your device is weak and does not vaporise as well. Again, the solution here is an upgrade. You can try to upgrade the coil first before you change the whole set up.

2. Inadequate throat hit

Vaping is not all about the vapour. There needs to be a proper balance between throat hit and vapour production. This calls for a proper balance between the PG and VG ratios. If the throat hit is insufficient, you need a juice with more PG.

You can also solve the throat hit problem by opting for a better device that delivers a strong hit. 

Sometimes, your throat hit problems could be a result of a flooded clearomizers or atomizer. There are various ways you can solve this and get the device to deliver the right hit. One of the many methods is adding the wick.

3. The vapour is not enough

If the clouds are not as intense as you would like, there are a few methods you can use to improve the experience. The first is to get a juice with higher VG to PG ratio. This will have better vapour production.

You can also try using a device with more power. If the device has a more powerful battery it will produce more vapour.

4. The e-cig battery won’t work

Ah! This is perhaps one of the most annoying experience you have to deal with especially when you’re dying to get a puff. If your battery seems not to work, there are few fixes you can try before throwing it out.

It can be a small oversight on your part. Maybe you didn’t turn on the battery. If it’s a manual option, you need to click on it several times. It can be 6 or 3 depending on the type.

If that fails, there’s a chance the connection has a problem. Try to clean the end of the battery and the clearomizers using a cotton bud. Also, make sure the terminal is properly aligned when inserting the battery.

5. Leaking Clearomiser

This is a persistent problem even for the most experienced vapers. There are various problems that can cause the leaks and the fix is dependent on what the cause of the leak is.

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You can start by checking if the clearomizers is properly fitted. If it’s not, give it half a turn anti-clockwise until it clicks then rotate it clockwise until it’s firmly attached. If the problem is recurrent, you should consider changing the clearomizers to see if that solves the problems. These are just some of the possible solutions to a leaking clearomizers.

6. Burnt taste

Unfortunately, this is like the induction ritual to vaping. A burnt taste is usually a rude shock to most new vapers and even to the experienced ones. It’s caused by a burnt out coil which can be caused by a few things.

The first mistake that can cause the clearomizers to burn out is using it immediately after filling the tank. You should allow a few minutes to let the wick soak up the juice before firing it up.

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You should also consider changing the coil if the burnt taste is persistent. Most of the parts of your e-cig wear out and the coil is one of them. You should regularly assess it and change it when it starts to show signs of giving up.

Also, make sure you have enough e-liquid in the tank. If the e-liquid is not sufficient, it can cause the clearomizers to burn out because the wick doesn’t soak enough.

7. Not tasting the e-liquid

It is not much of a vaping experience if you can’t taste the flavours of the e-liquid. Usually, for most people, it is a result of the ‘vaper’s tongue’. You can solve this by changing the e-liquid to something you like. You can also try to blow back gently through the clearomizers. This helps to unlock the flavours.

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8. Dry or sore throat

This is not an electronic problem per se but in most cases, it is a problem caused by not using the equipment correctly and needs to be addressed as well. If you use an e-juice that has more PG (Propylene Glycol) it could cause your throat to feel dry and sore. Drinking water gets the problem sorted for most vapers. But to avoid such a feeling, you might want to try a VG juice and tone down the settings on your device.

9. Gurgling noises

If you have some weird noises coming from the clearomizer when you’re using it, there are a few reasons for the noises. If at some point you shook the clearomizer too hard, blowing too hard through the clearomizer, inhaling too hard or overfilling the tank. All these have the same effect. They force the liquid into the central tube which is why you end up having the gurgling. You first have to clear the liquid out of the central tube by absorbing it using a paper towel.

To avoid the same problems in the future, you need to make sure you don’t get the liquid into the central tube. Don’t overfill the tank and also make sure you don’t shake the clearomizer or blow through it hard.

10. A failing charger

Your charger is probably not failing. Maybe you’re using the wrong charger for your clearomizer especially when you’re trying to substitute the charger. Also, check if you have any dirt clinging on the terminals and clean it out.  You might also want to make sure the terminal is not touching.  You can use a cotton bud for this. Remember that you should not use a tablet or smartphone charger on your clearomizers.

While these 10 problems are awfully common when it comes to your electronic cigarette, they are easy to fix and avoid in the future. Lucky for you, you now have all the information you need to improve your vaping experience after that quick read.

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