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Top Liquids of July

Top Liquids of July

It’s been a while since our last E-Liquid roundup, so today we’re bringing you an update.

Each month we look back and showcase the juices that have really stood out to us, the juices that we think you should try if you haven’t already.

We base our choices on a number of factors, including how well they’re selling, our staff’s personal opinions, and of course feedback we get from you, our customers!

So without further ado, let’s kick off our Top 5 E-Liquids for the month of July!

Sadboy by Philly Vape Society

Sadboy E-Liquids

If Philly Vape Society aren’t on your radar, they should be. Hailing from across the atlantic in the city of brotherly love, their debut juice Sadboy caught the attention of our US partners who just couldn’t seem to make enough noise about it. After finally caving in to their raving demands that we try it, we saw why.

Butter Cookie kicks off the lineup, with an oddly non-descriptive name. The happy (if kinda creepy) looking lemon on the front is the only hint of the refreshing lemon citrus flavours you will find here. That delicate citrus strikes a great balance between tart and sweet, and the butter cookie base combines with the notes of lemon to elevate this juice to the next level and give it a sense of body not usually found in lemon liquids.

Luckily the naming scheme becomes a little more sensible with the other variants. Strawberry Jam Cookie gives you exactly what you expect; The strawberry is sweet, juicy, and natural tasting, creating one of the richest strawberry experiences that this writer has personally sampled. The story is much the same for the Blueberry Jam Cookie, with juicy blueberry flavours matched only by the real thing. Both are irresistibly moreish.

Finally, the Key Lime Cookie became an office favourite as soon as it landed. Lime, in our experience, can be tricky to get right, but you’ll be happy to know that Philly Vape Society went four-for-four on this one. The zingy lime is complemented very well by the base liquid, and the inclusion of a hint of baked-goods style flavours rounds this out as an excellent juice that pays tribute to flavours found in USA style key lime pie.

Click here to check out the Sadboy E-Liquid collection at Flawless Vape Shop!

Zeus Juice Ice

Zeus Juice Ice

There are some flavours that seem to divide the vaping community, two of them are menthol and aniseed. The mention of these tastes may well turn some of you off straight from the start, but for those of you who are still interested, read on…

UK based juice maker Zeus Juice is back, known for their popular The Black and The Black Reloaded juices. Just in time for summer they released a range of their liquids with added icy menthol. A LOT of menthol in fact, some of the most intensely cold liquids we’ve had.

The Black makes a return in its new, colder form The Black Ice. Deep blackberry flavours with a hint of aniseed are now backed up with a powerful icy blast that really accentuates the sharpness of those berries. Sour Apple Ice lives up to its name, with a sour edge over a delicious apple flavour reminiscent of Granny Smith apples. Aphrodite Ice adds sweet lime sherbet fizz to the lineup, and Tooth Fairy Ice brings candied berries into this icy mix.

Medusa Ice ramps up the aniseed for an intense flavour with citrus hints that just about cut through the intense menthol, While Dodoberry Ice steps back for a more subtle mixed fruits approach. Fans of Vampire Vape’s Heisenberg will find a more premium alternative in Dimpleberry Ice, with a similar overall pallet of tastes but with greater subtlety and nuance.

Click here to check out the Zeus Juice collection at Flawless Vape Shop!

Psycho Eliquids by Puff Labs

This writer has a soft spot for excellent presentation alongside excellent juices, which is part of why Psycho Eliquids has made this months list. Puff Labs are somewhat known for their artwork, the packaging for their Strange Fruits line is, in a word, remarkable.

So even though we sort of knew what we were in for when we first laid eyes on the vaporwave stylings of Psycho Unicorn and it’s psycho unicorn mascot, we still couldn’t help cracking up a little. Of course though, mascots do not make a great juice, so its lucky for Puff Labs that Psycho Unicorn is also delicious. The bottle depicts a yellow sponge cream cake stuffed with neon rainbow cream, and honestly the taste is quite authentic to the image, a sparkling dance of sweet flavours all wrapped up in that soft warm spongy goodness.

Psycho Kitty doesn’t have the mascot, but it’s definitely got the flavours. A taste bud teasing mix of berry flavours over a base of cookie dough will keep you intrigued puff after puff, with each new sweet and tart flavour bringing new colour to the vaping experience as you notice them. It kept us coming back, and we think you’ll do the same.

Rounding out this trio is Psycho Yeti, a refreshing mashup of berry flavours with a slight hint of menthol, which thankfully doesn’t overwhelm the deep fresh flavours going on here. All in all the Psycho E-Liquid line is definitely one to sample next time you’re in store!

Click here to check out the Psycho E-Liquids collection at Flawless Vape Shop!

12 monkeys Ice Age Collection

Canadian juice company 12 Monkeys are well known for their premium brand of fruity juices. Recently they put out limited edition versions of some of their Liquids with extra ice to keep you cool under the summer sun! On top of that, they’ve brought out 2 new limited edition flavours that will only be available for the summer!

Though most of the fruit flavour mixes themselves have been seen before, this line of liquids makes the list for striking a perfect balance when it comes to the cooling effect. Unlike the Zeus Juice featured above which will hit you straight in the face with an icey punch, the 12 monkeys iced liquids allow their fruity flavours to cut through first, before the ice slowly builds on the exhale. These guys really know what they’re doing.

A quick rundown of the flavours for those of you not familiar:

  • Kanzi - A juicey blend of Strawberries, Watermelon and Kiwi for a light, refreshing flavour
  • Hakuna - Perfectly mixed Apples and Cranberries
  • Matata - Bold grape flavours with a hint of ripe apples (Tip: Mix Hakuna and Matata for a secret 12 monkeys recipe!)

Plus the brand new limited edition flavours:

  • Nikko - A light ad revitalizing mix of Watermelon and Lemonade
  • Sabae - A vibrant, complex and tasty rainbow sorbet with notes of sweet raspberry, zingy lime, and a touch of pineapple. 

Click here to check out the 12 monkeys collection at Flawless Vape Shop!

Moreish Puff Shakes and Chilled Ranges

Moreish puff have made our list before with their soda and candy drop lines, and now they’re back with 2 new ranges of liquids to tempt you, the deliciously creamy shakes and the icy chilled lines! These guys make great liquids, so without further ado let’s get into the flavours on offer with these new lines.

The Moreish Puff Shakes range includes the following milkshake flavours:

These are excellent milkshake style liquids with a spot on amount of creamy milkiness to make sure they taste thick and refreshing!

Moreish Puff Chilled comes in these flavours, all of which have a nice cold hit to keep you cool and collected:

Click here to check out the Moreish Puff collection at Flawless Vape Shop!

Top Liquids For July Collection

That just about rounds out our Top 5 liquid lines for the month of July! We’ll be back next month with our next list, but until then you can find all of the liquids featured here in store or online at Flawless Vape Shop!

You can find our retail Shops in Hamilton, Leicester City Centre, and now proudly in Loughborough! If you can’t quite decide between all of the tantalising flavours on offer, our expert staff are always on hand ready to point you in the right direction! You won’t find a better selection of Juices or Hardware anywhere else!

Until next time, stay Flawless!



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