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10 Best Vape Mods

10 Best Vape Mods

The vape mod market is a fast-moving one. There are tonnes of mods that come in different shapes, sizes and models. Keeping track of all the new technology and new devices coming into the market is not easy.

Going through the hundreds if not thousands of options is confusing and exhausting. In this guide, we currently narrow down the options to just ten of the best vape mods in the market. These mods promise an excellent vaping experience and have numerous reviews from experienced vapers worldwide.

  1. GeekVape Aegis Legend 2

Geekvape has carved a name for itself by creating vape mods that rarely disappoint. It’s not surprising that this isn’t the only time you see a Geekvape mod appear on this list.

The Geekvape Aegis Legend 2 impresses both in style and performance. The Legend 2 is capable of up to 200W output and is powered by dual 18650 batteries. It has an IP68 waterproof and shockproof and dustproof, making it an excellent choice for outdoor vaping. It comes with an updated 1.08" TFT coloured, feature-loaded screen.

On the exterior, the device has a faux leather handle that creates a luxurious and elegant finish for the device, giving it a nice and appealing finish.

Whether you’re looking for aesthetics or performance, the Aegis Legend 2 checks on both boxes. It’s an amazing vape mod device for experienced vapers that don’t want to compromise performance.

  1. Voopoo Drag 2

The Drag 2 is part of the legendary Drag series from Voopoo. It features the reputable and reliable GENE.FAN chipset. The mod is powered by two 18650 batteries. It also packs a few new features, including the design of the case, which includes a sturdy zinc alloy base with leather wrapping to give the mod a comfortable and soft touch.

The Drag 2 also features a 1.8” TFT screen to ease navigation, a super-fast firing time, and several vaping outputs to customise your experience.

The Drag 2 is designed for RDAs, RTAs, sub-ohm tanks and MTL tanks. The mod will run almost anything you put on top of it. But it works best with RDAs.

The Drag 2 is not just an amazing performer. It is also reliable, works great and isn’t complicated to use. It will easily last several years without any problems. Its durability, longevity and performance ensure you get value for your money at all times.

  1. Vaporesso Gen S

There are several reasons why you should consider getting the Vaporesso Gen S vape mod. The top reason is its intelligent AXON chipset. It also feels great and comfortable in your hand, has a quality and durable chassis and has several vaping outputs.

The Gen S is a 220W vape mod. It easily stands out because of its bold, colourful exterior paint options and its ability to deliver a remarkable vaping performance. The Vaporesso Gen S is powered by dual 18650 batteries houses in a side panel battery bay kept in a place with a magnetic connection.


The mod also features a larger 0.91" OLED vivid display from which you can manipulate various features of the AXON chipset, including selecting from one of the multiple outputs available in the mod.

You can use the standard wattage or go into temperature control mode, where you can choose from some innovative options like Power mode or Pulse mode, depending on your vaping preference.

  1. Voopoo Drag X Plus

There are several reasons why the Drag X is highly rated among vapers. The first and perhaps the most enticing for vapers is the versatile battery option. The Drag X can use single 18650 vape batteries to 21700 batteries.

Most vapers considering the Drag X and have used another one of the Drag series from Voopoo like the Drag 2 often do so because of the slimmer and more portable design and size of the Drag X. Typically, these are vapers who love vaping on the road and want something more manageable but equally powerful.


The Drag X features the heralded GENE.FAN chipset, which is now updated. Despite the smaller size, this chipset can fire the device to 100W, which is quite impressive. You also get several high-performance features, including several vaping outputs like the smart, super, bypass and wattage mods.

The Drag X also has an RBA mode. In this mode, users can pair their favourite RBA or attach a 510-threaded sub-ohm tank for regular sub-ohm vaping.

Whether you're looking to make a new addition to your collection or looking for a powerful, convenient and comfortable in hand device to deliver a stunning performance when you're on the road, the Drag X will meet and surpass your expectations.

  1. Geekvape Aegis X 

The Aegis X has plenty going for it. Its build quality is commendable, and it feels fantastic in your hands mainly because of the rubber coating, which adds a nice touch to the device. It also has several upgrades that make it the device to look out if you're interested in a top device with exciting features.

The first thing you notice on the Aegis X is the 2.4" screen. It's intuitive and feature-filled, allowing you to control various aspects of the device.


What sets the Aegis X apart is its ability to handle various atomisers of up to 26mm without an overhang. This unique feature allows vapers to use their preferred atomisers for a better vaping experience. The Aegis X also has a super quick response time and a spot on temperature control that guarantees superb vapour production. The Aegis X AS 2.0 chipset takes most of the credit for the fantastic performance of the mod.

The mod has a resistance range of 0.05 to 3 ohms which means it will easily handle nic salts just as well if you know your way around the device.

  1. Lost Vape Quest Grus

The Quest Grus is not your average vape mod. It’s tuned to deliver the finest vaping experience and is quite catchy to the eye. There are various reasons why you should consider adding it to your vape mod collection.

The multiple battery options are perhaps the most appealing for experienced vapers. The Quest Grus can use 21700, 20700 and 18650 battery options. It’s a single cell configuration which gives it a lighter and slimmer profile.

Its ergonomic design has a four-button control panel that makes it easy to use while keeping all the controls within easy reach.

Although the Quest Grus doesn’t come with the DNA chipset that is common among Lost Vape mods, it manages to carve out its own path with its own merits.

Other than the good looks and portable design, the Grus features standard vaping outputs that include the wattage and temperature control vape mods. You can select your desired settings using the 0.91” TFT control panels. The device has a separate selector button if you prefer a more straightforward selection.

  1. Vaporesso Forz TX80

The Vaporesso Forz TX80 is an excellent device with all the features you need for portable and outdoor vaping. The only reason it features on the lower end of this list is its low power output for a device powered by a 18650 battery.

The device is powered by a single 18650 battery and comes as a stand-alone model. It has several advanced features courtesy of the Axon 2.0 chipset. The device's maximum power output is 80W.

Through the chipset, you can access various vaping modes. The 0.69” OLED screen makes manoeuvring through the settings and making adjustments easy and fast. The control panel has two standard buttons for easy selection.


Other notable pros of owning the FORZ include the IP67-rated waterproof, shockproof and dust resistance construction. The chipset also ensures a rapid-firing response time for the best vaping experience.

The FORZ comes with a standard 510 connection on its zinc alloy construction, allowing you to experiment with various atomiser configurations depending on your preference.

  1. Voopoo Argus GT160W

The Argus GT160 is a reasonably new mod in the market, so that you can expect some exciting new features and exceptional vaping performance. The device is well built, featuring a bottom battery door, a micro USB port for charging and a bright and vivid OLED screen for easy access to the internal features.

There is a three-button control panel to make selection easier and more straightforward. For the performance, the device has the GENE.TT. chipset, which is a heavy puncher in terms of performance. With the new chipset, the mod has a power output range of between 5-160W, a full temperature control suite that allows you to use stainless steel, titanium and nickel vape coils.


For vapers looking for a device incorporating the latest vaping technology and highly customisable settings and vaping experience, the Argus GT160 is an excellent choice to deliver that amazing experience and has a fair price tag.

  1. Sigelei 213 FOG 200W

The Sigelei 213 FOG is a dual cell device that packs power, convenience and portability in one compact vape mod. It is a regulated device you can use with your rebuildable atomisers. It comes with a full range of vaping outputs. For vapers that love elegance, the Sigelei 213 is quite the looker as well.

The vape mod has a clean, minimalist and elegant design that comes equipped with a full-colour 0.96" TFT screen that eases navigation. The device is paired with the IFV60 chipset, which offers an amazing selection of vaping outputs that include variable wattage and temperature control. You can also get to try out the auto-smart curve function.  


Although the device is feature-filled, with highly customisable settings, it remains easy to use, and the selection panel is straightforward.

  1. Lost Vape Thelema DNA 250C

The Thelema DNA 250C is one of the most outstanding devices on the market. It goes for an intricate, detailed design powered by dual 18650 batteries and can handle tanks of up to 26mm. The mod is powered by the DNA250C chip, which is where it gets its name from.

The addition of this chip means the mod has plenty of features tucked under the body of the device. It has an output range of between 1-200W and a resistance range of 0.1-3.0ohm. The firmware of the device is upgradeable, so you can always get the best performance from the device.

The chipset has accurate temperature control with the Replay Mode that allows you to reuse your favourite vaping settings over and over until you change them yourself. The device has a clear and vivid screen that makes the selection of the right settings a breeze.


Don't get yourself lost in the sea of vape mods in the market. The list above features everything from beginner mods to budget-friendly options that promise stunning performance.

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