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Geek Vape

Geek Vape was established in December 2015. Unlike most vaping companies that have had to try different products to enjoy success, Geek Vape exploded to the scene with their first ever product which was the Griffin Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA). Once their product went global, they didn’t lose traction and went on to become one of the leading companies in making authentic pocket-friendly gear.

Today, they are a household name in the vaping world and have built on their reputation with a variety of atomisers. They have also fondled with sub-ohm tanks and vape mods which they have enjoyed a lot of success with. Currently, they have a wide range of offers which vary from single battery, low power mods to the more advanced dual powered mods.

Over the years, the vice grip Geek Vape has had on the vaping market has only grown stronger. The enticing design of their products like the Griffin RTA has been a favourite for many vapers and have been the blueprint that many other manufacturers have followed. With their creativity and ingenuity, there's no doubt that Geek Vape will remain a force to reckon with in the vaping circles. ...

Quality Tested Juice

At Flawless Vape Shop, we have made it our mandate to spot all the good stuff and have it in stock for our customers to enjoy. It’s no surprise that we are very intrigued by the quality of the kits and mods that Geek Vape has been producing.

In addition to stocking all of these exciting options for our customers, we also have a wide range of quality and tested vape juices that you can try out with your new Geek Vape hardware.

We take extra caution with the range of juices we provide. We aim to stock diversity and quality with all our products. All juices are thoroughly tested and we guarantee only the best taste bud-tickling juices that will revolutionise your vaping experience.

Our range of juices comes in various flavours and concentrations. You can also choose the quantity you want for your e-liquid. Just like Geek Vape, we are committed to providing you with unbeatable quality and range of e-liquids.

UK’s Leading Vape Distributor

Our business model has been centred on providing our customers and retailers with what they want. We have kept a close eye on the vaping industry and we always know the most interesting trends, products and juices that are about to be released and make them available for our customers as soon as possible.

We aim to provide you with an unbeatable experience and make your shopping experience at Flawless Vape Shop quick and easy. In our shop, you will find some of the leading Geek Vape products as well as a variety of other exciting products and accessories from other leading vape companies.

Why Choose Flawless Vape Shop?

  • We offer free delivery for all purchases worth over £20 with same day dispatch, so your products get to you faster
  • We are a distributor for some of the top vaping brands and an exclusive distributor for some of them. That means you always get the products first once they are released