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How Much Vaping Is Equal to One Cigarette

The battle between vaping and cigarette smoking has been a long one filled with hardstands. Gradually, vaping is becoming a socially acceptable solution to transition from tobacco.

Given how hard some smokers work to kick cigarette smoking, they wouldn't want to slip back because of vaping that is equal to smoking. That's why the question of how much vaping is equivalent to smoking is vital to those using vaping as a method of quitting smoking.

How Much Vaping is Equal to Smoking One Cigarette?

There’s no accurate measurement behind cigarettes and e-cigarettes. These are two distinct methods that can’t be compared.

On one hand, cigarettes rely on the combustion of its compound while vaping vaporises the compounds. The only compound between these two that can be monitored is nicotine, which can paint a general picture of the comparisons between vaping and cigarettes in terms of smoking.

Nicotine Consumption via Vaping

In vaping, the nicotine amounts are closely monitored and clearly indicated in milligrams on the packaging. Some of the standard nicotine levels in the industry are 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg.

These values represent the amount of nicotine per 1ml of e-liquid, and they can also be expressed in percentages.

In a 60ml bottle of nicotine, containing 12mg of nicotine, the total amount of nicotine consumed after the bottle is complete would be 720mg.

With vaping, ensuring you determine the quantity of nicotine that works for you is a top priority. If you're unsure, you can seek assistance from an experienced vaper. Alternatively, you can start with lower doses and adjust according to your cravings.

How Many Milligrams of Nicotine are in One Cigarette?

In cigarettes, the amount of nicotine is not precise and researching the same poses risks. On average, a cigarette contains about 1g of tobacco, which translates to about 8mg of nicotine. It's also important to note that in smoking, not all the nicotine is absorbed by the smoker but depends on various factors which include:

  • How you smoke the cigarette
  • The size of the puffs
  • How long the cigarette burns between puffs

Just like in vaping, the amount of nicotine varies depending on the brand and type of cigarettes, which is another factor that makes measuring the accurate amount of nicotine in cigarettes even harder.

Also, vape liquids don't contain most of the compounds found in cigarettes, and the amount of vaping can have the same effects as some of the compounds like tar.

Vaping Vs. Cigarettes – Which is Safer?

Vaping and smoking are different and contain different compounds that behave differently when inhaled.

While a molecule of smoke and vape might have the same amount of nicotine, the body treats them differently.

Besides, cigarettes contain about 4,000 chemicals and toxins designed to enhance the absorption process. Vaping, on the other hand, has simpler and few compounds that are more predictable and provides you with full control on the amount of nicotine you want to vape.

Because of the simpler and more controlled components, and the ability to choose how much nicotine you can vape, vaping is better for your health.


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