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Is Vaping After Tooth Extraction Okay?

Is Vaping After Tooth Extraction Okay?

If you recently had your teeth extracted, your dentist must have given you the usual talk about not smoking or using straws for a few days.

For heavy smokers, not smoking, even for a few hours can be extremely tough. With a good number of smokers turning to vaping to quit smoking, the same not getting your dose of vaping can cause you to relapse. But you have to worry about the safety of vaping after tooth extraction. 

Why Dentists Discourage You from Smoking and Using Straws after a Tooth Extraction

Once a tooth is extracted, the hole left by the tooth is quickly filled by a blood clot. The clot prevents dirt and germs that could cause infection on the fresh site from entering and also holds the fort as fibroblasts starting generating and the healing process begins.

The blood clot is essential to the process of healing and also saves you from a great deal of pain. The action of sucking, which includes smoking or using a straw, can cause the clot to be dislodged, creating a dry socket.

A dry socket not only opens the fresh wound to a risk of infection but is excruciatingly painful and increases the healing time.

Besides, cigarettes contain toxic chemicals that can affect the healing process and double or triple the healing time.

Can I Vape after Tooth Extraction?

With vaping, the only concern is the sucking action which can dislodge the blood clot resulting in the dry socket. Vape liquids don't contain the same toxins that cigarettes contain, hence it doesn't affect the healing process.

However, it’s advisable to stay of vaping for some time after a tooth extraction just to be on the safe side.

However, vapers that can’t manage to go a few hours let alone a day or two without vaping have come up with ingenious ways that allow you to vape using little suction to prevent dislodging the clot.

These methods are not nearly as satisfactory but are enough to keep you afloat as the site of the extraction heals up.

How to Vape after Tooth Extraction

Vapers recommend various methods of vaping after tooth extraction. While none of the methods is guaranteed to get you through vaping without dislodging the clot, they help to dramatically reduce the negative pressure in the mouth and reduce the risk of removing the clot significantly.

One of the methods is cutting and folding a small sheet of gauze and placing it at the site of the extraction. Wetting the gauze a little helps to keep in place and also take on more pressure.

Once the gauze is in place, you can then vape. The vaping procedure is also a little different. Instead of sealing your lips around the mouthpiece, you should let them hang loosely with plenty of space around the mouthpiece and on the sides. Then breathe in as you normally would to vape.

With this process, you don't expect the vapour production to be high, and the feeling is not as satisfying, but it is the better of both worlds.

Final Thoughts

Dentists recommend you stay of vaping or smoking for at least three days after tooth extraction. While it might seem like an eternity, it could actually help you get back to normal vaping faster. If you can’t wait that long, you can try the above trick but ensure you’re extra cautious to prevent a dry socket.  

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