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Mechanical Mods Explained

Even for some experienced vapers, mechanical e-cig mods remain mysterious. They are one of the ultimate vaping tools because they allow you to customise your vaping experience. However, using one and maintaining it properly is easier said than done. 

If you're struggling with your mechanical mod, this blog should turn you from a novice into an expert. Even for experienced users, you can take away a few tips that will help you use the mod more effectively.

What is a Mechanical Mod?

It’s best to start from the absolute basics and build up. Understanding what a mechanical mod is, is the best place to start.

Contrary to popular belief, mechanical mods are simple. It’s a vaping device that delivers pure battery power to the atomiser.

It has a tube that holds a replaceable and rechargeable e-cig battery. The tube also has a button that delivers current to the atomiser when it's activated.

Parts of a Mechanical Mod

A mechanical mod has fewer functioning part compared to other vaping devices, which goes to show how simple the device is.

The main parts include:

  • Housing – The housing comes in different shapes and forms. It houses all the parts of the mod and provides protection. You can have a mod with a cylindrical housing, a tube or box-shaped housing. The housing is made from different materials like metal or wood and others even have a custom casing like artistic wooden housing or coffin boxes.
  • Battery – The other main part of a mechanical mod is the battery. It delivers power to the device. For constant use, a mod can have multiple batteries depending on your preferences and the device you're using. The quality and size of the battery also vary depending on the mod kit. Most mod kits have space for up to two batteries. However, if you’re using a DIY option, you can have as many batteries as you want.
  • Atomiser – The last part of the mechanical mod is the atomiser. Most mechanical mods are flexible and capable of powering any coil or atomiser. In most cases, mechanical mod users prefer to use Rebuildable Dripping Atomisers (RDAs). With RDAs, the liquid is delivered straight to the coil. Vapers can also decide to build their own coils, which allows them to customise the vaping experience even further.

How Do Mechanical Mods Work?

Now that you’re conversant with a mechanical mod and its parts, the next step is to figure out how it works.

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The working process of a mechanical mod is as simple as the device itself. The battery of the mod is in contact with both the top and bottom caps of the mod. When the battery is activated, the current flows into the heating coil. When the vape liquid drops on the hot coil, it vaporises creating intense clouds and a fancy flavour in your mouth.

This simplistic circuit is all that is needed to power the mod and get you vaping.

Who Are Mechanical Mods For?

Mechanical mods work best in the hands of experienced vapers. They are best suited for individuals who want to completely customise their vaping experience and are okay spending more time to achieve their desired results.

Cloud chasers looking to blow ridiculous clouds of smoke or pushing the limits beyond what PV models are capable of, mech mods are the best option.

For vapers who want a smooth experience and don’t want an overbearing experience, it’s best to stay away from mech mods. Mechanical mods are also not for touch and go vapers who don’t want to spend more time to enhance their vaping experience.

Are Mechanical Mods Safe?

Mechanical mods are safe when used correctly. Because of the unregulated nature and high voltage of the battery, faults happen. These types of mods don't have a circuit board, so nothing protects the device from fully defecting in case of a malfunction. 

This is why mechanical mods are better when in the hands of experienced users. Not all is doom when it comes to the safety of mechanical mods. There are a few safety tips you can practice when using a mechanical mod.

Mechanical Mod Safety Tips

Lock and Load

Once you’re done using the device, make sure it’s locked. To lock the device, find the pin or button that locks the device up. When you turn on the device, you also need to give it a bit of time to kick into action.

It's important to understand these two process and practice them every time you use the device to prevent hazards.

Prevent misfires

If the device doesn’t have a locking button, you have to make sure it doesn’t fire up when it’s in your pocket. A misfire will not only harm the battery but hurt you as well. When you’re not using the device, make sure it’s safely kept away. Remove the atomiser and let the device rest and breathe.  

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Clean the vents

Keep the air holes of the mechanical mod free from any residual gases to avoid trouble. Make sure you blow air through the connection end when the device is locked. Check to make sure that nothing is left in the vents before you start vaping.

Choose the right e-liquid

Choosing the right vape juice is key when using a mechanical mod. The right e-liquid not only improves your experience but helps the device perform optimally as well. You should know that vapour production and the flavour is more pronounced. You might want to factor that in when choosing the right e-liquid.

Don’t overcharge

Part of the responsibilities of being the proud owner of a mechanical mod is knowing how volts work. One of the most common hazards of dealing with a mechanical mod is overcharging the device.

It’s advisable to charge the battery when it’s about to die. Once you start charging, make sure the battery is fully charged.

 Is a Mechanical Mod Right For You?

This is a question you need to ask yourself before purchasing a mechanical mod.

The main selling point of a mechanical mod is the ability to provide you with an unlimited potential to scale the heights of vaping. Needless to mention, such power requires plenty of control and responsibility. You also need to have a lot of knowledge on the functioning of mechanical mods and how to keep one in pristine condition.

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Despite the allure of going for a device that will not limit you and make you the envy of your peers, it doesn't make sense to have a device that you can use properly and safely. Before jumping to buy a mechanical mod, make sure you understand how it functions and most importantly, how to use it safely.


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