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Top 5 Liquids for August - Flawless Vape Shop

Top 5 Liquids for August


A new month means a new Top Liquids list! September may mark the end of summer, but this week we’re taking a look back to the month of August, and picking our our top 5 E-Liquids!

As always, this list is based both on sales information that reveals what you guys have been buying, and our own personal opinions on which liquids really stood out to us. Let’s get to it!

IVG Pops

IVG Pops at Flawless Vape Shop 

As you will see, August has been a great month for fans of lollipop flavour juices, and kicking things off is one of the most widely known names in the vaping business; IVG have released their latest batch of flavours unto the world.

The IVG pops line aims to capture old-school sweet shop tastes, with nostalgic flavours to capture the memories of yore. To do this, they seem to have developed a new base liquid thats slightly thicker tasting that previous releases, helping to boost the body of the flavours on offer.

The Caramel Lollipop flavour in particular has been flying off our shelves, and our taste testers agree it is probably the strongest flavour in the group. While the Rainbow Lollipop and Blue Lollipop versions deliver great tastes in their own right, the other standout for longtime IVG fans is going to be the Bubblegum Millions Lollipop. This remix of the IVG fan favourite features that new Lollipop base, which adds some well needed oomph to the cool and tasty (if a little thin tasting by comparison) Bubblegum Millions flavour from the IVG Sweets line.

I love the milkman Mango Milk

I love the milkman Mango Milk at Flawless Vape Shop

One of the most anticipated E-Liquid releases in August, we’re very happy to say that Mad Hatter and The Milkman’s debut collaboration has lived up to the hype.

Fans of a creamy, milky vape rejoice, for this is one of the best creamy bases we’ve had the pleasure of sampling. Vaping this juice results in thick, juicy clouds with the smoothest, most comforting texture we’ve seen for some time. Combine this with a truly top notch Mango fruit flavour, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Unlike other Mango liquids, where the mango concentrate results in a somewhat artificial trait to the flavour, I Love The Milkman: Mango Milk is perfectly balanced. The smooth, sweet cream perfectly counteracts any sharp finish that one may expect from mango flavours. Watch out for this one, you’ll finish the bottle sooner than you think!

Get Lollied

Get Lollied at Flawless Vape Shop

Moreish Puff just can’t seem to help themselves! For the third month running they’re hot on the latest vaping trends, and their Get Lollied line has made our list! Aside from seemingly trying to make every kind of liquid customers could possibly ask for, these guys seem to have set themselves the goal of becoming your go to E-Liquid brand!

Following this months Lollipop trend, Moreish have chosen to focus on Ice Pop style flavours. They have good experience making cooled juices, so it shouldn’t surprise you that they’re on to another winner here.

Starting with the classics, the Rocket and Twister flavours are amazingly authentic. Both vape fantastically and the flavours are near indistinguishable from the ubiquitous ice pops. This bodes well for the other flavours, and indeed the Strawberry split is nice and sweet without tasting artificial, and the Bubblegum beats out other flavours in its category with ease.

The two remaining juices on offer are the most novel; Vimtoe cheekily skirts around trademarks while staying true to its inspiration, and the Cider flavour provides a novel taste. We’ve seen cider flavours before, but not with quite so much ice.

All American Diner

All American Diner at Flawless Vape Shop

We here at Flawless partnered with Creamy Vapors to bring you the thickest, creamiest, most authentic Milkshake E-Liquids around! Evoking the flavours found in an old-school american diner $5 shake, we think you’ll find these three tastes unique and utterly irresistible!

Keylime Pie Shake brings a new take and two classic American tastes by combining them into one delicious E-Liquid. Filled with smooth cream, tangy citrus and moreish biscuit flavours, this new flavour will make you wonder why nobody made it before we did!

Next up, Gumball shake brings you the sharp sweetness of hard candy with that smooth milkshake, culminating in a taste sensation that delights the senses. A one-of-a-kind take on berry milkshake flavours.

Last up, Gourmet Popcorn Shake is definitely not one to be missed! The combination of the sweet toffee, and popcorn so good you’ll chew your drip tip is just to die for. Caramelised coils be damned, this one just refuses to be put down.

Lolly Vape Co. Pops

Lolly Vape Co. Pops at Flawless Vape Shop

Rounding out our summer is Lolly Vape Co. and their Pops range. With so many companies releasing top notch Lollipop flavours, it only stands to reason that Lolly Vape Co. step up to the plate and deliver on the flavours that give them their name.

Similar to IVG, Lolly Vape Co. are targeting some true lollipop classics with this range, and you’ll be glad to hear they’ve hit their mark. FunDrum is a very authentic taste experience, based on the Chewy Rhubarb and Custard Lollies we all know and love. The vape is thick and full of taste, without getting overly sickly sweet.

Dream cream mirrors the delicious strawberries and cream hard pops of our youth, with such accuracy and authenticity you could only get otherwise from the real thing. You’d swear you had the pop itself in your mouth, only now with less cavities!

Tutti Frutti is another classic confectionery concoction that any juice company has to be able to get right, and Lolly Vape Co. does so with aplomb. The fruity mix tastes great, and the flavours used don’t fatigue or bore. Brilliant.

Finally, their Jolly Tots hits the spot for that distinctive, yet indescribable gummy taste. If you’re a Jelly Babies fan, this one is not to be missed!


Top 5 Liquids for August at Flawless Vape Shop

Thanks again for reading this blog on our top liquids for August! We’ve told you what we think, but what are you thinking? Did we miss your favourite flavour of the summer? Is your every day vape not on this list? Tell us so! You can hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Even better of course, you can come tell us in person, and try out all the liquids featured here at our retail stores in Leicester, Hamilton, and Loughborough! You can find your nearest Flawless Vape Shop on this map!

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Until next time, stay Flawless!

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