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Brand Spotlight: Flawless Liquids

Brand Spotlight: Flawless Liquids

For the first in our series of regular brand spotlights, it seems only fitting that we cover the liquids with our name right on the front!

Flawless Liquids

Flawless Liquids

Flawless Liquids is the premier premium brand from Flawless USA. Featuring an exquisite array of sweet flavours, each one perfectly balanced as a contender for your next all day vape! The liquids we will be tasting today are from the 100ml shortfills, but they are also available in TPD compliant 3x10ml packs with nicotine strengths of 3mg and 6mg available alongside the 0mg.

Without further ado, let’s dive in and discover the flavours that await us!

Game Over

Game Over by Flawless Liquids

Let’s start with Game Over. Cracking open the bottle doesn’t reveal much, this liquid is tentative on the nose. Just a hint of fruit in the scent that reminds one of fizzy sweets. Taking a dab on the finger gives a sweet and creamy hit, with hits of fruit loops.

Dripping it onto the Recurve RDA brings out what seems like an almost sherbet fizz. The inhale flavours really benefit from a tad of warm to bring out the creaminess. Closing one set of airholes on the recurve brings the fruit notes to the front on the exhale. Overall a light, fruity vape that combines creamy body with a touch of fizz on the finish.


Outcast by Flawless Liquids

Moving on and opening a bottle of Outcast. This liquid gives a stronger idea of its flavour on the nose, sweet and full bodied. A drip on the finger fulfills the promise of rich, chewy taffy. A hint of something more is detected, but the fullness of that taffy flavour occludes it for now.

The softer flavours on the dripper let that flavour come through however; light and fluffy candy floss straight from the fun fair! The subtlety of that candy floss will really give flavour chasers something to play with. If you’re struggling, try turning down the heat. An easy all-dayer for sure either way.


Iconic by Flawless Liquids

Twisting the cap and breathing in the scent of Iconic puts juicy blueberries front and centre on a warm doughy background. It’s not the strongest on the nose but a gentle squeeze of the bottle to get some air flowing brings the aromas out.

Dripping at a low wattage puts the blueberries to the background and adds notes of lemon zest. Cracking up the power slowly brings that doughiness back but the light zing of citrus is still preserved. Restricting the airflow at a good heat gives great balance overall.


Aftermath by Flawless Liquids

Next up, Aftermath continues the blueberry notes on the nose, this time the background is smooth vanilla cream. A touch on the finger has the expected effect; vanilla overwhelms the more subtle berries but the sweetness of glazed sugar cuts through and reveals the theme of a Glazed Donut.

On the vape, once again starting at low power, the vanilla surprises by taking a back seat, instead the smooth sweet glaze is brought forward backed by gentle blueberry notes. Restricting airflow brings the blueberries back forward some. Bringing up the heat really makes this juice shine, with all three flavours acting in concert to make you think you’d just finished a bite of that donut. The blueberry takes on a sense of crunch and the sugar glaze finishes things off nicely. Superb.


Infamous by Flawless Liquids

Infamous is much stronger on the nose, with fresh apple and pear hitting your nose as soon as the bottle is opened. Tasting the liquid straight really brings out the sharpness of those apples, and the finish reveals a light touch of kiwi.

A short coffee break later to clear the pallet and we’re dripping the Infamous. This juice vapes fantastically at low power, those of you who enjoy some cooler clouds should have your eyes on it! The fresh fruity flavours need no encouragement to taste juicey and sweet. No need for cloud chasers to fret though, increasing the watts only increases flavour intensity as the vapour becomes more dense.


Legend by Flawless Liquids

Last but not least we open a bottle of Legend. Beginning with aroma we get the promise of a refreshing fruity lemonade. Strawberry is the main note from the scent other than the lemonade base. Taking a dab on the finger lives up to the promise, with refreshing lemonade backed by fresh watermelon and strawberry.

The flavour on the vape is a bit of a surprise, as the subtle watermelon is brought forth to fill the pallet, with the strawberry hanging around for the finish. That’s more true at low temperatures, as more heat brings the refreshing lemonade right out on the pallet.


That brings us to the end of this months brand spotlight, this time shining on Flawless Liquids! Stay tuned for new blogs every week!

Of course, all of the liquids featured here today are available to purchase in store at our Leicester, Hamilton, and Loughborough retail locations, as well as online at! Our website has recently got a new lick of paint, so go check it out!

Until next time, stay Flawless.

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