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VooPoo Drag Race 157 Box Mod Review

VooPoo Drag Race 157 Box Mod Review

Quite frankly, the VooPoo Drag Race 157 mod is one of our all time favourite mods of this year.

Here's our review.

Straight out the box you can tell the Voopoo drag 157W box mod is something special. In the box you get all the usual paperwork, a warranty card, user manual and a USB cable for charging. The colour options for this mod are brilliant as well. With the original carbon face plate and sleek silver body, updated with the variety of the vibrant resin plates and finally the black edition which completes the whole look of the mod. I had the original silver and liked the look of the black framed version with resin plates so much I picked up another one!

As far as aesthetics go this mod is gorgeous paying true homage to the name box mod with its sharp edges, clicky buttons and heavier weight. But enough about the looks let’s get to the real star of the show here.

The Voopoo drag mod comes with an absolute beast of a chip set that’s gaining a lot of steam among vapers and reviewers alike and some would say it’s better than the well established DNA chip. The New Gene chip is a much more affordable alternative to the DNA, providing you with many of the same features. It’s firmware up-gradable and fully customisation using the gene chip equivalent of the escribe software enabling you to do a lot of cool things with custom images, Wattage and temp control curves, screen brightness and so on.

But what’s sets this chip apart from the expensive DNA chips?. For one the chip will automatically set your wattage whenever you pop a new atty on there. Which I’ll be honest can get annoying because it often thinks that the wattage should be lower than what I prefer, but the chip is dead easy to use and adjust your settings to suit your needs. This little monster is not only half the price of a DNA chip, but super accurate and one of the fastest firing chips going with a ramp-up time of 0.025 seconds! At those speeds the figures don’t even matter because the ramp up feels immediate. Obviously they'll be some variation depending on your build, for example using alien coils you will definitely see a longer ramp up but that’s because of the coil, granted the ramp up is still pretty quick considering. If I put say, some ni80 Clapton’s on top of the drag the. Ramp up still feels non-existent. Need I say more about this chipset?!

This box is a workhorse and I never go a day without using it. I’m not saying it’ll be for everyone but for those vapers who want something beautiful and boxy, Extremely well built and at 55 quid it’s an absolute steal for what you get. For mine and many other people’s style of vaping, I can say with certainty you won’t be disappointed.

Pros: Gorgeous design options

          Easy to use chip set

          Upgradable and customisable

          Ridiculous value for money

Cons: Boxy feel can be a problem for some.

Automatic wattage setting is can be useful depending on taste.

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