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Learn To Vape

Learn To Vape

Part 1. What is vaping? A newbies guide.

Stoptober Is the season for vaping so what better time to kick the habit than now? Vaping is a much healthier alternative to smoking. In fact Public health England stated it is 95% healthier! Starting from humble beginnings with the cig-a-likes you now see in petrol stations and a few years on it has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world with a huge community of vapers to back it up.

To newcomers the vaping world might be a bit intimidating but we all were in the same boat at one point in our vaping lives so don’t worry. To make thing’s easy here is our complete guide to the world of vaping.

How a vape works:

All vapes work under the same principal and are all made up of the same components and there is a bit of vaping Jargon involved but don’t worry everything is actually really straightforward

MOD: The mod of a vape set-up is the box that supplies power to your vape. They vary in all colours, shapes and sizes but all work in a similar way. Most mods will have a little LCD screen that show your battery life, resistance etc and let you change your power settings to suit how you vape. But there are lots of mods that are a lot simpler where all you have to do to vape is press a button. It’s the brains behind your vape gear

TANK :The tank is what hold’s your  e-liquid and all the internals that create the vapour. All tanks also have airflow systems to allow vapour to travel from the tank into your lungs. There is a giant variety of tanks to choose from, for ex-smokers to the casual vaper, or the extreme enthusiast. There’s something for everyone. This part of your vape is the body that holds everything together

COIL: So if the Mod Is like the brain, and the tank is like the body; The coil is definitely the heart of your vape gear. A coil in its most basic form is a piece of wire that’s wrapped like a spring. wrapped around the wire is the wick, primarily made of organic cotton. Because cotton is quite dense but porous it’s the best material used to soak up your E-Liquid and make sure its touching the metal coil.

Now we know the different parts of a vape set up but how does it work?

It's actually quite simple. When you press the fire button on your mod, it puts a current through the coil and heats it up. The heat begins to makes the e-liquid that’s soaked into the cotton vaporise (hence the term vape). As air passes through your vape it goes through the coil and delivers your nicotine, flavour and healthier lifestyle to your lungs.

Vapes are so much healthier for you because there is no combustion used to produce the vapour meaning none of the 400 different toxins, 43 of which are carcinogenic, and the whooping 4000 different other harmful chemicals found if cigarettes. When it comes to vaping, you get better flavour, none of the nasty lingering smells and a much more healthy means of getting your nicotine fix. 

From our standpoint It’s a no-brainer.

As with anything, if you are unsure you can contact a member of our team.


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