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Deja Voodoo E Liquid

Deja Voodoo is one of the vape juice ranges from Wick Liquor, which is a subsidiary of iFancyone. The liquid comprises of an exotic blend with soft earthy tones largely because of a coconut husk flavour.

The different flavours are complemented by the taste of sweet Chula vista sugar cane, which is prominent on the exhale. 

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The influence of the streets on the flavours is undeniable. The brand has also done a great job of providing quality vape juices and didn't drop the ball on this one either.


Flavour Profile

Wick Liquor is known for making fine subtle flavours. With the Deja Voodoo range, the case is slightly different. This e-liquid line has an amazing fresh fruity taste to it, which is perfect for all-day vaping.

The juice is keenly balanced and not too sweet with a clean and smooth vape. The juice has some undertones of complexity but remains intriguing enough as you try to identify the different flavours. This mystical approach is to blame for most vapers wanting to keep vaping Deja Voodoo blends to crack its flavour chest.

Deja Voodoo Flavour Range

There are three flavours in the Deja Voodoo line. Each of them has a unique profile even though they share the same basis and general feel.

  • Deja Voodoo Salts – For vapers that want their new vape liquid to have a kick to it, Deja Voodoo has the nicotine salts variety. This one of the kind vape liquid packs the maturity that experienced vapers are after. It comes in a 10ml bottle in accordance with TPD regulations, but just enough to give you a couple of refills before you need to buy another bottle.
  • Deja Voodoo 50ml shortfill – If you want the entire Wick Liquor experience without an overwhelming throat hit, this shortfill is the perfect option. It’s particularly ideal for new vapers looking to make the best out of their first vape. The liquid comes in a 50ml bottle that provides an excellent experience to the vaper and plenty of refills.
  • Deja Voodoo Juggernaut – The Juggernaut is designed with cloud chasers in mind. It has a high VG ratio and works perfectly with sub-ohm tanks and RTAs. It's equally rich in flavour and provides an opportunity to add a couple of nic-shots if you prefer.

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