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  • Freemax Gemm Disposable Vape Tank
    from £6.99

    Freemax Gemm Disposable Vape Tank

    By FreeMax

    The FreeMaX Gemm Disposable Tank (2-Pack) integrates a diamond mesh coil structure with patented 90% Tea Fiber Cotton & Organic Cotton formula ...

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    from £6.99
  • Innokin Go S Tank 1.6ohm 1pcs

    Innokin Go S Tank 1.6ohm 1pcs

    By Innokin

    The Innokin GO S tank is affordable and easy to use. Featuring a built-in 1.6ohm coil, the GO S can produce enhanced flavour vape liquid absorption...

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  • Joyetech E Roll Mac Cartridge 3pcs/pack

    Joyetech E Roll Mac Cartridge 3pcs/pack

    By Joyetech

    The Joyetech eRoll MAC replacement cartridges are designed to be used with the Joyetech eRoll MAC vape starter kit. The eRoll refillable cartridge ...

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Disposable Vape Tank

Every vaper has had their struggle with vape tanks. Some more than others. While the tanks are an essential aspect of vaping, not all of them are properly designed. Some pose challenges when refilling, and others might have leaks.

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These challenges can leave a bad taste in the mouths of many vapers. Disposable vape tanks are a new and exciting technology that promises to redeem your vaping experience by making tanks easier to handle and work with.

What Are Disposable Vape Tanks?

Disposable vape tanks are a unique type of vape tank constructed from silicone and acrylic. The tank is designed to skip the hassle of switching coils, cleaning and refilling vape juice. The tanks are easy and convenient to use.

The disposable vape tanks come pre-filled with vape juice. All you have to is vape until the coil is done, recycle it and insert another tank on your mod. For vapers that want a simpler and more convenient approach than sub-ohm tanks, disposable vape tanks are an excellent alternative.

Disposable vape tanks are also an excellent backup plan. In case your main tank drops and shatters, the disposable tanks will come in handy before you get your replacement tank.

Benefits of a Disposable Vape Tank


Although disposable tanks are of great quality, they are not designed to last as long as reusable tanks. They are made from quality materials. The tanks also have just enough features to provide you with an excellent vaping experience without all the bells and whistles.

These adjustments help cut back on the cost of the tank, making it more affordable, particularly for vapers who have to manage a tight budget. Even better, you not only get to save money, but you don’t have to worry about a subpar vaping experience either.

Disposable design

With a disposable tank, you never have to worry about maintenance and cleaning protocols that come with reusable tanks. Once you’re done using the tank, you can toss it in the bin and replace it with a new tank.

You also don’t have to worry about replacing the coils. Once the coils stop producing satisfactory results, you can switch the tank for a new one. This saves you time and allows you to focus on your vaping experience.

Just as good as a regular tank

Disposable vape tanks aren’t that different from other tanks. They have most of the same great features that other tanks have. These include aesthetic appeal, capacity and in most cases, the tanks will have the same quality performance in the right hands.

How Long Do Disposable Vape Tanks Last?

Disposable vape tanks don't have a timeline. They are refillable, which means that once the e-liquid runs out, you can add more and continue vaping. How long the tank lasts depends on your vaping tendencies and how long and often you vape.

The easiest way to tell when it's time to replace the tanks is when the coils start producing poor vaping results. Depending on your vaping habits, this can be anywhere between several days to weeks. This makes the tanks convenient and a cost-saver because you can use them over a long period if you’re not a frequent vaper.

How Do Disposable Tanks Work?

Disposable vape tanks work the same as reusable tanks. They have most of the same components, like coils. The tanks have the same mechanics, and the design and shape of the tank are generally the same as the regular tanks.

Once you receive the tank, you fill the tank with your preferred vape juice. You set up the tank on your mod and fire away from the same way you would with a regular tank. When the vape juice runs out, you refill and proceed with the same cycle until the coils start giving in.

The only difference with disposable vape tanks is that you can't replace the coils. Once the flavour and vapour are below par, you have to replace the tank.

The tanks have universal threading and pin, so you can use them on most mods. However, some might not be compatible, so you need to ensure you check the specifications to ensure the tank and your mod are compatible before making the purchase.

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