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Nasty Fix Disposables

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    Nasty Juice

    NASTY JUICE FIX DISPOSABLE POD SYSTEM Nasty Juice Fix is a disposable pen device that is developed to ensure everyone can enjoy the same Nasty Juic...

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    Original price £5.99
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The disposable vape market is quickly expanding. New companies are joining in the rave, trying to change how vapers enjoy vaping and adding new flavours to the market. Nasty Fix is one of the notable disposable vape brands offering a vast range of flavour choices for adventurous vapers.

Nasty Fix disposable vapes are made by Nasty Juice, an established e-juice manufacturer based in Malaysia. The brand is well known for its outstanding e-liquid flavours, so that you can expect a similar experience with its range of disposable vape pens.

Nasty Fix disposable vape pens are draw-activated, engineered for MTL vaping. The vapes have a 1.3ml tank capacity and are packed with 20mg of nicotine salt e-juice. The device is powered by a 280mAh internal battery delivering about 300puffs.

The overall design of the devices is appealing, elegant with a touch of contemporary appearance. In addition, they are lightweight, comfortable in the hand and easy to use.

Nasty Fix Disposables Features and Specifications

  • The devices are draw-activated with approximately 300 puffs.
  • Internal battery (280mAh)
  • It comes in 8 flavours
  • 36 months shelf life
  • LED indicator
  • 2% nic salt concentration, 1.3ml of e-liquid

Design and Appearance 

Right out of the box, the Nasty Fix disposable vapes is they are eye-catching and colourful. You can find the information you need to run the device on the box. This information includes the flavour, e-juice capacity, approximate puffs and nicotine strength. The ingredients used to make the e-juice, PG/VG ratio, and expiry date are also available on the packaging.

For a disposable vape, Nasty Fix is really well built and designed. It’s lightweight, compact, feels pretty solid with enough heftiness to assure of its sturdiness.

The device has an exquisite smooth matte finish with slightly rounded edges for a more comfortable feel in your hand.

Aesthetically, the device has one side of the sides printed with the flavour and the other side with the word ‘Nasty’ in big and bold fonts. Nasty Fix has done an excellent job of continuing with the trend of injecting elegance into disposable vapes and giving it that eye-catching appeal.

This disposable vape has a small tip for a mouthpiece that sits flush with the pen. Both ends are similar in appearance. But a small arrow lets you know which side of the device is the top.

The base of the pen has the airflow and LED indicator that comes alive when you take a draw. The LED will also flash when the battery runs out, so you know when to replace the device.

Overall, the design of the Nasty Fix disposable vape pen is impressive. It looks great and feels even better when using.


Nasty Fix disposable vapes don’t only look good, their performance is mind-blowing as well. The airflow is a pretty tight MTL draw which is perfect for vapers looking for a cigarette replacement.

The throat hit and vapour production are spot-on for a satisfying vaping session. However, for a disposable vape and given its size, the Nasty Fix kicks out more vapour than I was expecting.

Nasty Juice's expertise in making sumptuous vape liquids also comes to the fold at this point. The flavours are precise and on point. They are full-bodied and crisp with both simple and complex flavour notes.

Nasty Fix Disposables Flavour Range

You can choose from several flavour options:

Double Apple

The double apple flavour embodies fresh, crisp apple with a subtle aftertaste. Most apple flavours are stronger than most vapers would like. But this particular one is carefully balanced, offering an outstanding and delicious experience.

Watermelon Ice

The watermelon ice offers a refreshing, watery and sumptuous tropical experience. This is an excellent flavour for all-day vaping.

Blackcurrant cotton candy

This is one of the sophisticated flavours on the staple, offering multiple notes and a broad flavour range.

Pure tobacco

Tobacco flavours are a preserve of a selected few. They are an excellent choice for vapers transitioning from chain-smoking and want a similar experience.

Vanilla tobacco

If you find the tobacco flavour domineering, a touch of vanilla helps tone down the taste and add a touch of creaminess and sweetness for a more balanced vaping experience.

Cushman mango

Another amazing mango flavour that has received overwhelming support from vapers that have tried and tested it.

Asap grape 

Another tangy flavour with some zingy-ness and some slight sweetness giving you the ultimate experience with a tropical experience.

Pineapple lemonade

Fans of tropical flavours will love this fruity mashup. It is slightly sour, slightly sweet and all-around amazing!


Although Nasty Fix disposable vape pens are high quality and deliver a fantastic experience, their price is affordable and competitive. They are well within the price range of other disposable vapes, and overall, they are more cost-effective than a pack of cigarettes.