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Wick Liquor Boulevard E Liquid

You’ve probably heard of iFancyone. They are a vape brand based in Tamworth Staffordshire. They recently added a new line of vape juices called Wick Liquor that are proving to be quite the catch.

For vapers looking for queer and unusual flavours, this new line could finally do it for you. The line currently has four main flavours....

Packaging and Design

The uniqueness of Wick Liquor doesn’t stop with the taste of the vape liquid. It extends to the packaging as well. The bottles have a cool look with black and white patterns with a frame over a white background.

The ‘Wick Liquor’ Logo stands out as well as vital information like the ingredients and the nicotine strength. The Nicotine Boulevard Shattered strays a little from this design with a white background and white detail.

For all the bottles, the design is neat, carefully executed and downright appealing. It’s a slight hint of what to expect inside the bottle.

The Flavours  

  • Boulevard – Boulevard is the most popular of the flavours that Wick Liquor has to offer. The final blend resembles a fruit punch with a touch of loganberry juice. The vape juice has a sweet and slightly tart hit to it. The boulevard flavour is one of the most preferred. The exact taste of boulevard is hard to describe. But to vaguely put it, it provides an excellent experience.
  • Boulevard Shattered – The Boulevard Shattered flavour is the only menthol infused flavour in the line-up. It’s understandable since it would be hard to replicate the perfection in this blend. The components in the juice are well balanced and the result is an accurate balance of flavours with a slight kick of menthol to it. It’s perfect for vapers that want a little kick without getting nicotine involved.

Other Boulevard inspired vape juices in this line include the Juggernaut and salts boulevard. Each of this comes in various nicotine strengths depending on your personal preference.

Quality Tested Juices

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