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Mr Wicks E Liquid

Mr Wicks is a UK-based vape liquid brand known for its award-winning range of vape liquids characterised by boldness and bright flavours. The brand is part of a collection by MOMO e-liquids, which was started in 2016.

For vapers looking for a vape liquid brand that understands how to make great tasting vape liquids and has awards to back it up, Mr Wicks is one of them.

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There’s a vast collection of flavours available from Mr Wicks making it a great option for vapers that love diversity and a wide palette.

Mr Wick E-liquid Flavour Range

The Mr Wick line caters primarily to lovers of fruity juice flavours. The liquid comes in 50ml shortfill bottles that allow you to add your nicotine shots in case you like a stronger throat hit when vaping.

Some of the most popular flavours from Mr Wicks line include;

Raspberry and Lychee

The raspberry and lychee flavours come out of the bottle with a strong smell that sets the standard as you can smell both the raspberry and lychee. It’s an authentic flavour that will get you hooked on the sport.

The lychee is more prominent on the exhale with a tropical experience that brings the two flavours together to make a very enjoyable vape liquid.

Lemon Tart

If you’re not a sweet tooth and like a bit of sourness in your vape juice, the lemon tart is the ideal choice. On the inhale, this flavour is a mix of lemon and meringue with a zesty hit, some short citrus notes and a bit of sweetness to balance out the flavours. The exhale has a more toned down experienced with a rich buttery note tucked underneath.

Raspberry and Pear

The raspberry and pear flavour is a basic blend that doesn’t try too hard. Despite the simplistic approach to make this one of a kind flavour, it manages to tickle your taste buds with a balanced flavour or subtle raspberries with a little pear flavour.

The touch of raspberry is noticeable at the beginning and also at the end. It’s a relatively subtle flavour that is perfect for all-day vaping.

Rhubarb and Custard

Mr Wicks doesn’t often make dessert flavours. When they do, the flavours stand out like the Rhubarb and Custard flavour.

It has a distinctive taste of rhubarb with sharp and strong notes to give the liquid a sweet and sharp taste. The custard is focused on the exhale.

Mr Wicks’ full range of vape liquid flavours also includes grape soda, orange and lime fizz, and loaded to round up an excellent experience for all vapers.

Quality Tested Vape Liquids

With vape liquids, the flavour is only on point if the liquid is made from quality, food-grade ingredients. At Flawless Vape, we value quality just as our customers. That’s why we make sure all our vape liquids are tested to ensure the best experience.

We randomly test every batch of vape juice that we receive from our suppliers to make sure it's fit for our customers and it is up to our standards.