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10 Best Nicotine Free Vapes

Nicotine and nic-salt vapes get a lot of attention in the vaping scene. This is usually because most people considering vaping right now are former vapers who want to retain that throat hit. But there are also nicotine-free options available for vapers who want a nicotine-free experience.

Nicotine-free vapes are common among vapers who are new to vaping and not former vapers. Former smokers who want to cold-turkey on nicotine can also consider trying nicotine-free vapes. Here is a look at some of the best nicotine-free vape liquids you can try that have amazing flavour and will deliver the same amazing vaping experience.

  1. Moreish Puff

Moreish Puff is one of the most notable vape liquid brands in the vaping industry. The brand has produced over 100 e-liquid in varying flavours. Some of its flavours are among the most beloved among vapers.

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The brand has both nicotine-infused and nicotine-free vape liquid varieties, which appeals to both types of vapers. What makes this a brand exceptional is it offers both varieties in equal portions. You will find a vast range of Moreish Puff nicotine-free vape liquids, ensuring you have an adventurous vaping experience even when you don't want to indulge in nicotine.

Some of notable 0mg flavours under Moreish Puff include:

  • Slushed strawberry
  • Sherbet apple and mango
  • Lollies twister
  • Vapesta mango
  • Chilled grape
  • Candy drops
  1. Dr. Vapes

Dr. Vapes might not be as popular as Moreish and might not have the same vast selection of enticing flavours and types of e-liquids. But even with its limited collection, Dr. Vapes has managed to leave a lasting impression on most vapers.

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Most of its notoriety is from the nicotine infused vape liquids. Still, it also has some excellent options that are nicotine free and are perfect for both starters and experienced vapers.

The brand has a mix of fruity and candy flavours. This unique blend is one of the reasons why it is so popular among vapers, particular those with a sweet tooth and appreciate authentic flavours with a tropical touch in them. 

Some notable 0mg Dr. Vapes e-liquid flavours include:

  • Blue panther series
  • Pink candy Panther Series
  • Pink Colada Panther Series
  • Purple Panther series
  • Pink sour candy remix frozen
  1. IVG

IVG is best known for specialising in high VG vape liquids. It has a vast range of flavours under its staple, including sweets, menthol, drinks, juicy gum, and lollipops. This diversity is what makes it an excellent 0mg nicotine e-liquid brand because it offers a flavour for everyone, no matter your taste.

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IVG started in the UK but now operates in over 100 countries. It is a highly respected brand by vapers and its competitors. 

IVG remains creative with its blends and has different variations of PG and VG to suit whatever experience the vapers are craving.

Like most other vape liquid brewers, IVG also has a selection of nicotine and nic salts vape liquid. But their nic-free vape liquids are just as impressive. Some of the options they offer include:

  • The crushed range includes frozen Cherries, Paradise Lagoon and Iced lemonade flavours.
  • Drip down, which features blue lemonade, blue tonic low ice, blueberry magic and cola Lollipop flavours.
  1. Wick Liquor

Wick Liquor is a premium vape liquid brand that has been around for quite some time. It has a solid following and offers a variety of premium e-liquids in different flavours. Most of the vape liquids in the Wick Liquor brand are 80%VG blends which produce masses of vapour. The flavours are unique. The brand has a vast range of nicotine free vape liquids that come in 50mg and 100mg shortfills.

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One of the reasons Wick Liquor has a strong following is that the flavours are perfect for all-day vapes. Some of the most common flavours from this brand include:

  • Banshee
  • Boulevard
  • Carnival
  • Contra Shattered
  • Deja Voodoo
  1. Nasty Juice

Nasty Juice is one of the few vape liquid brands from overseas that has managed to penetrate the UK market and get some hardcore fans. The brand uses premium ingredients delivering a clean and crisp vaping experience.

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The brewers have taken a bold approach to make unique flavours and masterfully blend them to deliver sumptuous and well-rounded e-juices. With many flavours and blends, Nasty Juice offers a flavour from everyone, including those looking for a nicotine-free experience.

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Some of the best nicotine-free flavours from Nasty Juice include:

  • Asap Grape
  • Bad Blood
  • Berry Series
  • Cush man
  • Devil teeth
  • Fat Boy
  1. Taffy Man

Taffy man is a unique vape liquid brand offering a wholly unique experience. It has familiar flavours such as strawberry and grape, which is perfect for first-time vapers that prefer something they can relate to.

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The American-based manufacturer doesn't have as many flavours, but what it lacks in diversity makes up for in quality.

The vape liquids are enclosed in colourful boxes and come in glass bottles with eye catching labels. The range is 70% VG which is perfect for thick cloud production. Some of the common flavours include:

  • Gr8ape
  • B1aple
  • H20bry
  1. Xtreme Juice

Although Xtreme Juice is not as popular as some of the other brands, it offers unique selection of flavours that you're going to love. Most of the vape liquids from this brewer comes in a 70% VG mix, which is perfect for cloud chasers.

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Each of the flavours from Xtreme Juices is carefully crafted to offer a stunning experience and a pleasant surprise. One of the most impressive selections of the flavours from this line is the Xtreme Coffee. It is perfect for vapers that want a strong coffee taste without nicotine. Other flavours include:

  • Xtreme Custards
  • Xtreme Coffee
  • Xtreme Fruity Series
  • Xtreme Ice
  • Xtreme lemonade
  1. Dinner Lady

The only reason Dinner Lady is sitting so far down this list is that its 0mg collection is more restricted compared to its nicotine varieties. Dinner Lady is easily the most recognisable vaping brand in the UK. It is also wildly popular in up to 96 other countries worldwide. Most hardcore vapers will attest to have tested Dinner Lady Vape liquids or different types of their vape product offerings.

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Dinner Lady is not just a good brewer but also an award-winner. Their vast range of options come in almost any combination you want. Unfortunately, most of these are only in nic salt and nicotine combinations. Some of the Nic-free flavours they have to include:

  • Berry tart
  • Blackberry crumble aroma
  • Fruits berry blast
  • Fruits melon twist
  • Fruits pink wave
  • Fruits purple rain
  • Fruits tropical fruits.
  1. Anarchist

Anarchist offers a variety of high VG American-produced vape liquids perfect for cloud chasing fans. The brand doesn't have the broadest flavours, but the limited options it has are pretty impressive.

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The flavour blend is a 75% ratio that ensures you get as vapour as flavour. Just like the other vape liquid brewers, this one also offers a nicotine selection. But it is one of the few that has probably a smaller nicotine-infused collection compared to their nicotine-free selection.

Popular flavours here include:

  • Anarchist blue
  • Blueberry cinnamon
  • Green
  • Mango
  • Ice Orange
  • Pink E-liquid
  • Pink Gummy
  1. Chuffed

Chuffed is an impressive vape liquid brewer offering delicious, high-quality blends that are impressive even for experienced vapers. The brand offers 70% VG vape liquids in bottles that can hold as much as 120ml. But you can also find 100ml varieties. If you're an aggressive vaper looking for high quantity vape liquids that will easily take you several days, Chuffed is perfect for you. Some of the common flavours include:

  • Menthol
  • Caramel Cheesecake
  • Blue Slush Shortfill
  • Ice menthol
  • Cool grape
  • Strawberry laces
  • Watermelon and cherry

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There you have it, the top 10 best nicotine-free vape liquid brands in the market. With these options, you have just as much variety as nicotine-infused alternatives.


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