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10 Best Vape Juices 2022

10 Best Vape Juices 2022

How great your vaping experience depends on whether you find the right vape juice. The journey to finding the perfect vape juice isn't a smooth one. There are tonnes of vape juice brands and even more flavours. Finding the perfect one feels like searching for a needle in a haystack. For some vapers, it turns out to be a fantastic adventure. 

Even for adventurous vapers, there's always the concern of landing on a low-quality vape liquid and experiencing the dreaded burnt taste. You can save yourself all the unknowns by going for reputable vape brands that make the best vape juice, and we have the best ten lined up for you.

  1. Naked 100

A lot of vapers have a weak spot for fruity and tropical flavours. Naked has quickly one of the best selections of fruity and tropical vape juice flavours. The brand packs sweet and intense vape juice flavours.

Naked’s has mastered the art of accuracy and producing vape juice flavours that always surprise and leave an impression. For vapers that love a little more sweetness in their vape liquid, Naked will be an even better choice for you.

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All Naked vape juice flavours are third-party tested. The lab reports show the vape liquids don't contain any harmful ingredients. The brand has maintained a highly transparent production process, and the authenticity of its products is unquestionable.

With every Naked 100 bottle, there is a QR code that links to the manufacturer’s website’s authenticator so you can verify the originality of the product. If you’re looking for a brand that understands fruity and tropical flavours, Naked should be your top pick.

  1. LiteJoy

Litejoy might not have the experience that other brands have in making vape liquid flavours. But they make up for this by aggressively researching their flavours and perfecting their blends. The result is the fame and popularity that other older brands enjoy an impeccable vape liquid quality.

Litejoy offers a rich collection of vape liquid flavours ranging from fruity, menthol, tropical, to citrus flavours. Whether you're a sweet tooth or a sucker for the cool icy touch of menthol, Litejoy has what you need.

It's not just the flavours that pack a punch. The vapour production of Litejoy vape liquids is equally impressive. The flavours are carefully balanced for impressive all-around performance. An added advantage of Litejoy vape juices is the price. Unlike most of the top of the range vape liquids, Litejoy has affordable yet quality options, making it easier for vapers to try out their full range of flavours and find what suits them best without busting their budget out of the water.

  1. Puff Dragon

Puff Dragon is a range of high VG-based liquids manufactured in the UK. The brand's intent for its vape liquids is for use in drippers. But, you can also use the vape juices with sub-ohm tanks and RTAs with a large juice channel.

Puff Dragon offers an extensive range of flavours that come in 10ml or 30ml bottle sizes. Not all vape liquids come with the same PG/VG concentration. The brand has varied the composition slightly to accommodate all types of vapers. For cloud-chasers, there are vape juices that come in an 80/20 VG mix for superb cloud production.

There is no questioning the quality of the vape liquid. Everything from the packaging right down to the liquid itself is well-thought-out and executed to deliver a superb vape experience. Most of the flavours under Puff Dragon are fruity and tropical flavours that include mango, lemon and blackcurrant. But the brand also has some dessert flavours, fried cream cakes and vanilla. Nicotine lovers will also be happy to know that the 10ml bottles have nicotine and are TPD compliant.

  1. Barista Brew Co

Lovers of breakfast-inspired vape liquids will love what Barista Brew has to offer. This one of a kind brewer focuses on coffee shop inspired juices and specialises in decadent flavours, including coffees, snacks and refreshers. This line of luxury e-liquids is designed to complement the most insatiable palates.

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A majority of vape liquids come in 10ml nicotine-infused bottles. But for vapers that want nicotine-free options or want to tailor their nicotine intake, there are 50ml shortfills as well.

For such are specialised e-liquid blend, you would think the flavour profile is limited. But, Barista is not short of interesting flavours you try out.

From fan favourites like salted caramel to fruity options like watermelon and cranberry apple, there's no shortage of interesting flavours to treat yourself to in the morning and throughout the day.  

  1. No Frills

No Frills is a fantastic range of affordable, fruity and flavourful vape juices. It's not the most popular brand in the market; it happens to be one of the tightly kept secrets only discovered by a few lucky vapers who stumble on the brand or those who are lucky enough to know vapers that have tried No Frills vape liquids before.

The brand offers a wide range of flavours. Most are tropical and fruity flavours supplied in 100ml shortfill bottles leaving enough space to add your nic shots.

Because No Frills vape liquids are high VG blends featuring up to 80% VG, they are perfect for DL vaping, sub-ohm devices and pod mod kits. Some of the most notable flavours from this brand include acai berry, apple soda, black razz, cake, cherry slushy, grape soda, heisen bro, lemon cheesecake, among others.

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Whether you're in much of a popular flavour with a different twist or chasing an entirely new vaping experience, No Frills will undoubtedly meet and surpass your expectations.

  1. Nasty Juice

Nasty Juice is a Malaysian e-liquid manufacturer that has received a lot of praise and positive reviews for its flavour-filled e-liquids. The diverse range of flavours comes in 50ml opaque dropper bottles with childproof top caps. The boxes come in colourful, eye-catching packages that give you an idea of what to expect when you open the bottle and start vaping.

Nasty Juice takes a more balanced approach in its composition. The juices are mixed at a ratio of 70/30 VG/PG for excellent cloud and flavour production. For nicotine lovers, Nasty Juice offers two nicotine strengths, 6mg and 3mg, to cover the needs of most vapers.

You can choose from a range of multiple flavours, most of which are fruity flavours. However, Nasty Juice has done an excellent job of adding its own twist to every one of the flavours. Even for the most typical flavours, you can expect the Nasty Juice option to stand out and create a memorable impression.

Some of the must-try flavours in this range include Cush Man, bronze blend, wicked haze, grape, mango, blackcurrant, gold blend and bad blood. There are plenty of other options you can try out in case you want something out of the ordinary.

  1. Moreish Puff

Moreish Puff is another UK-based vape juice brewer, particularly from Birmingham. The brand is based on pride and is easily one of the most popular e-liquids in the UK. The brand is bold about its products, and the delivery doesn't disappoint.

Most of the vape liquids from Moreish come in 10ml bottles. These are not shortfill, which allow the vaper to enjoy the raw untainted flavour of the vape liquids. If you prefer to add some nicotine shots to our vape liquid, there are some shortfill options that you can consider as well.

The vape juices come in various quantities starting at 25ml, 50ml and 100ml. They are all TPD compliant. Moreish offers a vast range of options, including sweet and tropical flavours to tease and satisfy your tastebuds. Some of the most popular options include lollies twister, chilled, lollies bubblegum, sherbet raspberry, bubblegum, mango, grape and iced fruits blackberry, to highlight a few. There are also a few custard flavours. The range features everything from sweet to sour and icy flavours.

  1. I VG


I Love VG made its debut in the vaping world in 2016. It started out locally in the UK as a side investment for a CEO of a law firm but quickly grew and now ships its products worldwide to over 60 countries.

The brand has a wealth of vape liquid flavours categorised into different options that include menthol, classic, macarons, sweets, desserts and tobacco. Each range offers an expansive range of flavours that will knock out your tastebuds and leave you wanting more.

A majority of the vape liquid blends have a 70/30 VG/PG mix, ensuring you get excellent vapour and flavour production.

For vapers that favour flavour, there are 50/50 blends that you can also consider. The liquids come in various packaging with different quantities ranging from 10ml to 50ml. The 10ml options are nicotine blends that come in various nicotine concentrations.

  1. Pacha Mama

Pacha Mama is a sister to another heavy-hitting vape brewer Charlie’s Chalk Dust. The parent company is based in California and is known for its classic trademark juice line. It is hugely popular and for Pacha Mama specifically, it is common among sub-ohm vapers that love nic salts.

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Pacha Mama is dedicated to producing natural flavours that tickle your tastebuds and deliver those delightful flavours that you can vape all day long. Every Pacha Mama vape liquid has clean and authentic flavours. It's as if you picked the fruit off a tree and took a big succulent bite from it.

Fruit lovers will have a field day enjoying this range of flavours and what they have to offer. Some of the notable flavours that are a must-try include blood orange banana, strawberry guava jackfruit, apple strawberry nectarine, and other delectable, fruity flavours. You also have the option of picking some nic salts and icy flavours if you want a more complex flavour profile.

  1. Zap

It seems the UK is turning out to be the Mecca of vaping. Zap is yet another fan-favourite based in Manchester, UK. The brand is known for its passion and love for creating unique vape liquid flavours, and it's evident in its bold and vibrant packaging.

Zap vape liquids are present in 3mg nicotine strength and come in 20ml bottles with a 70/30 VG/PG blend. The brand takes quality seriously, and all their vape juices are crafted in above industry cleanroom. The vape juices are made from the best ingredients guaranteeing exceptional flavours and vaping experiences for any vaper that gives the brand a chance.

Some of the flavours you can sample from Zap include Lychee lemonade, purple slushie, and vintage cola, to name just a few.   

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