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The 11 Best Disposable Vapes 2022

The 11 Best Disposable Vapes 2022

Most new vapers prefer to start with disposable vapes. They are simple to use, don’t come with the responsibility of maintenance, charging or refilling, but deliver the full vaping experience. Disposable vapes are also perfect for on-the-road vaping, especially for vapers that want a super compact device that is easy to use while on the move.

Like other vape devices, disposable vapes come in a wide range of designs and brands. The quality of the vape and flavour differs from brand to brand, making it critical for you to know the best options to buy, especially if you're still new to vaping.

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We have put together a list of 11 of the best disposable vapes in the market that are worth your money and will deliver a fantastic experience. 

  1. Dinner Lady Disposable Vape Pens

Dinner Lady has a strong presence in the disposable vapes niche. The brand has several strong devices that offer excellent power and a vast selection of flavours to choose from. The Dinner Lady disposable vape pens come with a 400mAh battery, has 1.5ml of e-liquid, and you can choose from multiple nicotine concentration options.

The Dinner lady device is perfect for sipping into your pocket, is affordable and delivers up to 0400 puffs. It gives great value for money with flavourful draws and thick clouds on the exhale. You can choose from the various flavour on offer depending on your preference.

  1. HYLA Disposable Device

HYLA is one of the hottest selling vaping products out right now and consists of a range of disposable Plant Powered, gluten free and vegan puff bars which do not contain Nicotine or Tobacco, but contains fruit flavourings and GUARANA.

The Puff bar contains 800 puffs and comes in 10 delicious flavours: Watermelon & Mint; Banana & mint, black cherry, Peppermint, Coconut & Lime, Mango & Lime, Rose & mint, Blackberry & Hibiscus, Strawberry & Lavender and Lychee & Aloe Mint


  1. Smok – MBAR

Smok is one of the leading vaporizer brands. It has a long line of excellent devices for newbies and experienced vapers. Smok has made a name for itself, making high-quality vaping devices and their disposable MBAR line of vaporisers is not any different.

The MBAR holds 1.3ml of e-liquid and comes in nic salt concentrations of up to 20mg. There is a choice of up to seven different flavours to get started that range from fruity to cool menthols. Each vape device is designed for mouth-to-lung vaping and delivers around 400 puffs.

  1. Nasty Juice – Nasty Fix 2.0

The Nasty Fix 2.0 follows the success of its predecessor, the Nasty Fix, best known for its long-lasting battery life and fantastic flavour.

The Nasty Fix 2.0 retains these properties and improves on other features. It has an even better 700mAh battery and a gigantic 2ml pod that comes prefilled with your favourite vape juice flavour and nic salt concentration.

Because of the larger tank capacity, the Nasty Fix delivers up to 675 puffs. The device also has an adjustable airflow that allows you to select your preferred airflow tightness. Nasty Juice offers up to 13 flavours for its disposable vapes and nicotine concentrations of 10 or 20mg.

Vapers that love MTL vaping will love what the Nasty Fix 2.0 offers. It is also highly portable with amazing features.

  1. Elf Bar – Disposable Vape Pen

Elf Bar 600 | 5 for £20 | FREE SHIPPING | Disposable Vape Pen | 20mg Nic  Salt

Elf Bar has several disposable vape pens in the market. They are rated among the best for people looking to quit smoking. The disposable vapes are designed to deliver a similar experience to smoking, complete with that warm throat hit that you love without lighting a cigarette. 

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The Elf Bar disposable vape delivers 20mg of nicotine and a balanced MTL vaping experience that you can enjoy right out of the package. The vape has a compact and convenient design that fits in your bag or pocket without taking a lot of space. The devices are colour coded depending on the flavour.

Besides the bright colours and thoughtful design, the Elf Bar disposable vapes come with a powerful 500mAg battery and a sizeable tank that delivers up to 600 puffs.

The device is draw-activated. There are no buttons to fiddle with, making vaping even easier. You can choose from a selection of 11 fruity flavours that appeal to all vapers.

  1. Geek Bar – Nic Salt Vape Pen

The Geek Bar nic salt vape pen has cruised its way into the hearts of thousands of vapers because of the convenience it delivers and its amazing features and performance. The device gives an average of 575 puffs per bar.

It has a 1.4 – 1.5ohm built-in coil powered by a 500mAh battery. It uses organic cotton wicks for the best cloud and flavour production.

The vape juice comes with 18mg of nicotine, making it ideal for those looking to quit smoking cigarettes. The device is draw-activated and has an LED battery life indicator that makes it easy to monitor the power of the battery.

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Geek offers up to 20 flavours for their disposable vapes line, which gives you plenty of options to choose from for your palate.

  1. Vaptio Beco Bar

Vaptio might not be as popular as Smok, but its collection of disposable vapes is just as good. It has a wide range of mentholated vape liquids that range from Banana Ice to Lychee ice for vapers that love that cool and refreshing menthol touch.

The Vaptio Beco Bar vape device is remarkably designed. Its design fits perfectly even inside pockets of slim-fit jeans. The device has a stylish appearance that is sure to turn heads. It is paired with a 280mAh battery and a tank big enough to hold 1.3ml of e-liquid with 20mg of nicotine. The device delivers 300 puffs on average and has a tight draw that delivers a decent cloud for a device with its features.

  1. Hyppe Plus Disposable Vape

Hyppe Max has among the longest-lasting disposable in the market. The device comes with a 650mAh battery and a whopping 5ml of e-liquid. This allows you to get more vaping time out of a single disposable vape. The Hyppe Max is an excellent option for travelling, extended road trips of day-to-day use. The device comes with 50mg nic salt strength ensuring you get the same throat hit and pleasant draw you would get from smoking a cigarette.  

  1. Pod Salt Disposable Vape

POD salt disposable vape makes an excellent disposable vape for vapers looking for an ultra-portable device that can deliver a fantastic experience. The device has a 2ml tank capacity and 20mg of nicotine which guarantees great flavour and big clouds.

Paired with a 350mAh battery, the device delivers 450 puffs which is more than enough to take most vapers for several days before you need to replace the pen.

The device is pocket-sized, allowing you to enjoy your vape anywhere. You can choose your preferred flavour from a choice of 16 flavours.

  1. Stig Disposable Device

STIG Pods | Low Wattage Ultra Portable Vape Pod System | Pod Device

Vapers looking for a more intense vaping experience should consider buying the Stig Disposable device.

It’s a trendy device that comes in a unique and appealing design that easily fits inside your pockets. There are plenty of flexible and fun flavours under the Stig staple for the ultimate vaping experience. Stig disposable pod devices are packed with nic salts which make it possible to enjoy high nicotine concentrations without the harsh throat hit.

The Stig is packed with enough vape liquid and battery power to outlast an entire pack of cigarettes, making the disposable vapes more affordable and give you better value for money.

  1. N One Disposable Pod Ice Mint Nic Salt

N One Ice Mint Disposable buy? - Free and fast in the house!

N One Disposable pods come in a variety of flavours and nic salt concentrations. They deliver a cool and refreshing flavour. Each device is capable is delivering about 300 puffs. The device is easy and straightforward to use. It is trendy and perfect for new users and highly portable.

Whether you're a new vaper looking for an easy device to use that will usher you into the world of vaping or a seasoned hand looking for a no-frills approach to vaping while on the road, you can easily find the perfect disposable vape pen for you. 

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