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Are Geek Bars Bad For You?

Geek Bars have taken over the U.K. market by storm, especially among the young population. You will see someone enjoying their Geek Bar in almost every public space. But in recent times, reports of "Super Strength" Geek Bar vapes that have found their way into the hands of teenagers and caused unspeakable health scare has thrown the popularity and reputation of Geek Bars into disarray. Most vape lovers and potential vapers have been left wondering If Geek Bars are actually bad for you.

It's a pertinent concern not just for Geek Bar lovers but also for those intending to start vaping. Luckily, there are some answers that can help to clear the mayhem.

What are Geek Bars?

If it’s your first time hearing about Geek Bars, the best place to start is understanding what Geek Bars are. Geek Bar is a brand name for a range of disposable vapes called Geek Bars. The brand is part of the larger GeekVape, a highly reputable brand with a long-standing record for designing and making quality vapes. However, the brand previously focused on high-end and advanced vape kits before entering the disposable vape space.

Geek Bars are a flagship disposable vape pen from GeekVape aimed at catering to the rapidly growing demand for disposable vapes. The device caters to new vapers and seasoned vapers that want a simple device that is easy to use and maintenance-free. The devices are portable and convenient, offering basic functionality similar to standard vapes.

Like other vapes, Geek Bars are designed for people who use nicotine – usually, smokers who are switching from smoking to vaping. The devices also serve as backup devices to seasoned vapers who want a portable device they can use on the go.

Are Geek Bars Illegal in the U.K.?

Considering the hazards and complaints that have flooded the internet from the social media posts of people that have had health complications from vaping, you must be wondering if Geek Bars are legal in the U.K.

The simple answer is yes. However, as of May 2016, The U.K. put the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) in place. According to this directive, the manufacturing and sale of tobacco products, including e-cigarettes like Geek Bars, had to meet certain standards to be considered legal in the U.K.

The TPD regulations required that vaping devices sold in the U.K. meet the following conditions;

  • Have a maximum vape tank capacity of 2ml
  • Have a maximum nicotine strength of 20mg/ml for the e-liquid.
  • All the products be submitted to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency before being approved for sale.
  • Also, all the products must contain the relevant warning and information on the packaging.

For Geek Bars to be legal in the U.K., they can only be sold in certain strengths and volumes in the U.K. While the U.K. has taken a more hands-on approach in the regulation of vape devices, other countries have different regulations on the volume and strength of the nicotine strength products that you can sell. The U.S. is the most notable example. 

Geek Bars come in three varieties, each with varying strengths and volumes of nicotine in the disposable vape.

  • The Geek Bar Lite – The Geek Bar Lite has the least amount of nicotine-infused e-liquid of the three Geek Bars. It has a 1.8ml tank capacity, 2% nic-salt, which translates to 20mg/ml of nicotine. The device can deliver 400 puffs. According to the TPD regulations, the Geek Bar Lite is legal to sell and use in the U.K.
  • Geek Bar Standard – The Geek Bar Standard holds slightly more e-liquid with a 2ml capacity tank. It has 20mg/ml nicotine strength and delivers about 575 puffs. This type of Geek Bar also meets the TPD requirements and is approved for use and sale in the U.K.
  • Geek Bar Pro – The Geek Bar Pro holds about 4.5ml of e-liquid, and its nicotine strength is rated at 50mg/ml, which is about 5% of nic salt. The device can deliver about 1500 puffs. The device contravenes all the rules and regulations in the TPD and is therefore not approved for sale or use in the U.K. It is mainly found in the U.S. market only.

Buyers and lovers of Geek Bars should be cautious and avoid any attempts to sell you the Geek Bar Pro model. It is highly recommended that you only buy vape products from reputable retailers who only sell genuine Geek bars. You should avoid third-party purchases, especially those that aren’t associated with any reputable sellers.

Are Geek Bars Safe?

Geek Bars are a product from GeekVape – a brand that has had a long and successful run in the vape market without any issues. Geek Bars are safe. However, as noted in the previous section, there are varieties of the Geek Bar that are not compliant with the TPD rules and don’t have the MHRA approval.

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Understandably, most people are still skeptical about vaping. More so because not many people know what is in the vape kits or the e-liquids. There are also concerns regarding the long-term effects surrounding vaping.

However, disposable vape kits like Geek Bars are designed to simplify the vaping process and clear some myths surrounding disposable vapes.

Geek bars comprise an internal lithium-ion battery, a 2ml tank that holds the e-liquid, a vape coil for heating the liquid to create vapour and the mouthpiece. All the components of the vape are housed in a strong, food-grade plastic casing.

The e-liquid inside the tank has nic salts which are extracted from tobacco leaves, and food-grade carrier liquids, which are vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Both the device and the e-liquid are TPD-compliant and manufactured by one of the biggest brands in vape hardware.

What makes Geek Bars even safer to use is the fact that they are sold ready to use. They are already filled and charged, which cuts back on the chances of operational error.

While the manufacturer of the devices has ensured the devices meet all the legal requirements and have MHRA approval, it is also important to note that the devices are solely intended for use by adults. Geek Bars should not be sold to minors, and they shouldn't be used by non-smokers. The device can only be safe when it is used as it was intended. Most importantly, you should always ensure you purchase genuine Geek Bars from reputable retailers.

How Do I Know My Geek Bar is Real?

Sometimes, telling a genuine Geek Bar from a counterfeit can be challenging. But the brand has a verification tool. You just need to locate the security code on the device and enter it into the Geek Bar verification tool page.

If the device doesn't have a code, or you can't find it, it should be disposed of immediately but responsibly.

You should also be aware that Geek Bar has updated its packaging to prevent counterfeiting. However, you might still find some suppliers with older packaging. It is not to say that the device is counterfeit, but you need to exercise extra caution before you start using the device.

Should Teenagers Vape Geek Bars?

Teenagers should not use Geek Bars for whatever reason. The U.K. law states that the minimum age to purchase and use any vaping product is eighteen. Disposable vape pens shouldn’t be used by anyone under the age of 18. The device has a nicotine cartridge which shouldn’t be used by those who are underage or those that haven’t used nicotine before.

If you use Geek Bars or any other vape products, you should exercise caution and ensure your device is always locked up when not in use. This is particularly important if you have children or younger siblings.

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