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How to Charge a Puff Bar - Flawless Vape Shop

How to Charge a Puff Bar

Puff bars are among the most popular disposable mouth-to-lung vape devices. Their vapour production is fast, and the device doesn't lag during use. The devices offer a loose draw but are tight enough to satisfy most vapers.

Being a disposable device, the battery is not rechargeable, and the tank is not refillable. When the device is drained, you have to dispose of it and replace it with a new one. But what happens when you're strapped for cash or want to continue enjoying vaping before the new device arrives. Can you recharge a Puff bar? Can you also refill it?

Do Puff Bars Need to be Recharged?

Puff bars are designed like other disposable vapes. They are ultra-portable, simple to use and convenient. But, they don't need to be charged. Puff bars are designed for single use. Once you're done with the device, you should dispose of the device.

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The beauty of this device is you never have to worry about realising that you didn’t charge your device just when you’re about to step out. You also don’t need spare parts or to carry bottles of e-liquid around with you when you travel. Just a single unit will provide you with all the vaping satisfaction you need.

How Long Do Puff Bars Last?

Because you have to purchase a new puff bar every time the current one runs out, it helps to know how long the device will last so you know when it's time to make a new purchase. This way, you never have to go for too long without vaping.

There are two primary types of Puff bars. There's the original Puff Bar and the Puff Bar Plus. Each type has a different battery capacity. Therefore, they last for varying lengths of time.

The original Puff Bar has a 280mAh battery and a 1.3ml tank capacity. It can deliver about 300 puffs, but that depends on how you use the device and the length of your draws.

The Puff Bar Plus is more advanced and has more vaping power packed into it than the original device. The Puff Bar Plus has a 550mAh battery and a sizeable 3.2ml of e-liquid, so you have twice the amount of e-liquid and double the power. Expectedly, the device might last longer than the original, but again, this depends on how you use the device and the length of the draw.

Can You Recharge the Puff Bar?

Both Puff bar varieties come with a pre-charged battery. Because they are disposable vapes, they don’t come with a charging port or a charging port. That means they cannot be recharged using normal means.

However, vapers have come up with a shortcut that is both dangerous and ill-advised to recharged their Puff Bars and get some extra mileage out of the device.

This method involves using a USB charger with the micro-USB end cut off and the wires stripped. The Puff Bar device is dismantled to access the battery, and the charging cable wires are attached directly to the battery terminals.

Although some vape shops indicate that this method works, there are several risks associated with it, including:

  • There’s a risk of short-circuiting the battery if you attach the wrong wire to the wrong terminals.
  • The base of the Puff Bar is firmly attached in place. Removing it requires some muscle. If you're not careful when removing the battery, the force of removing it could detach the wires damaging the device.
  • There’s always the risk of explosion if the battery is not charged the right way. The battery explosion will not only damage the device but could also injure you in the process.

When Do You Need to Replace Your Puff Bar?

Knowing when to replace your Puff Bar will ensure you don’t have to risk recharging the device to get in a few extra puffs. Replacing the device at the right time will also ensure you get the best performance of the device at all times.

The first hint it's time to replace your device is when you can't get a hit off your device. Puff bars also have an indicator light at the bottom. If the indicator light flashes blue when you take a hit, it's also a sign it's time to replace the device.

Because Puff bars are affordable, it's often advised to purchase several and have them around. If one runs out, you have another close by that you can pick up and continue vaping. Also, consider how aggressively you vape. That will determine how long the device will last.

Bottom Line

Although some vapers have found a way to recharge the Puff Bar, it is not recommended to recharge a Puff bar and it can be hazardous. It is also not recommended to attempt to refill the device. Puff bars are disposable vapes, so ensure you dispose of the device responsibly after use and replace it with a new one. 

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