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Best 5 Elf Bar Flavours - Flawless Vape Shop

Best 5 Elf Bar Flavours

Elf Bar is relatively new to the vaping scene, but its approach to design and flavours has helped it take over the market and get a positive reception from vapers. Elf Bars have a bright and buoyant appeal. They are pocket-friendly and packed with loads of flavour. The flavour is what keeps most vaping fans coming back.

Elf Bar doesn't just offer quality flavours but also variety. There are tonnes of options to choose from. For first-time vapers, you might feel a little overwhelmed on which flavours would work best for you. That's why this guide highlights the five best Elf Bar flavours that you should want to try out.

  1. Energy Ice

The energy ice flavour was formerly known as the Elf Bar Redbull flavour. The name has since changed, but the flavour has remained the same. It is fresh, fizzy and thoroughly thirst-quenching. It is easily one of the most beloved and sought-after vape flavours from vapoholics.

The inspiration behind the energy Ice flavour is one of the most popular energy drink flavours. The creators of the flavour then added a cool menthol shot to take the vape juice's refreshment to a whole new level and make it even more tasteful.

The flavour is best described as slightly tart. It has enough carbonation for a subtle tingle on the tongue and it bursts with authentic flavours. If you’re a lover of energy drinks, particularly Red Bull, this flavour is a must-try.

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Alternative: If the energy drink is not for you, but you still want something fizzy and equally fascinating, you can try the Cola flavour, also by Elf Bar.

It is a classic flavour and a rendition of one of the world's most iconic soft drinks. It has the same fizziness as the energy ice flavour packs and is also sweet, satisfying and refreshing. It's the perfect treat. Whether you're looking for a sweet treat, trying to satisfy your nicotine craving or looking for an everyday vape, this dark, delectable delight is what you need.

It has caramelised sweetness, a unique hint of caffeine and an aroma that makes for an invigorating and refreshing vape that will keep you coming back for more.

  1. Cotton Candy Ice

Disposable vapes are notorious for making fruity-flavoured vape liquids. While this isn't entirely bad, it restricts vapers to only choosing flavours from one category. It's no surprise that Elf Bar's flavours that don't fall under the fruity umbrella are the most sought-after. Enter cotton candy ice, a candy flavour packed with sweetness and fun. It is the perfect treat for vapers looking for that classic funfair, and it has a cooling kick at the end.

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Although cotton candy seems surprising for a top spot, it appeals to vapers looking to break away from the typical fruity flavours that have flooded the market. The accurate taste reconstruction of the flavours ensures the flavour is deserving of this selection.

It packs everything, including the stickiness and gooeyness of the cotton candy. The only difference between this flavour and the actual cotton candy is that you can enjoy all the flavour and funfare without getting your fingers sticky.

It is a soothing, satisfying vape for vapers with a sweet tooth. Whether you're looking to treat yourself or looking for an all-day vape, the cotton candy Ice flavour will satisfy your wildest dreams. It is creamy, full-bodied and dreamy. It is complex yet simply showcasing bright light and expressing the joyous and vibrant nature of the Elf Bar brand.

  1. Coconut Melon

It’s almost impossible to talk about disposable vape flavours without fruity flavours snaking their way into the conversation. But coconut melon is not your average fruity flavour. It is exotic with a tropical touch that will have you falling head over heels with the flavour.

The flavour has notes of ripe, succulent melons with an unmistakable tropical taste of creamy and delicious coconuts. It’s everything you have ever wanted in a fruity flavour wrapped up in one. It is sweet, juicy and refreshing.

What makes the coconut melon flavour an exception is its aroma and exotic taste. The flavour has become a hit among vapoholics and has grown to be one of the best-selling Elf Bar flavours. It’s an excellent flavour for seasoned vapers and new ones as well. It’s a flavour that you’re going to love to the very last puff!

  1. Kiwi Passionfruit Guava

The Kiwi Passionfruit guava Elf bar is not just a tantalising flavour. It starts with the packaging of having a bright yet gentle profile full of seduction. It gets you riled for the adventure you’re about to take using the appearance of the Elf Bar.

The luscious and refreshing smell of the vape is uplifting and ushers in the anxiety of what to expect in terms of flavour. Once you start vaping sweet, tangy and sour flavours hit your tastebuds in turns. One puff of the flavour, and you find yourself relaxing on an island beach in paradise. When you’re looking for a fail-proof flavour, the Kiwi passionfruit guava is your safest bet.

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The primary flavour of this Elf Bar is soft and zesty kiwi. It makes the perfect base for sharp swirls of tangy, passion fruit that follows. The refreshing guava flavour completes your paradise experience. It's a fruit fiesta that you will find hard to let go of.

  1. Blue Razz Lemonade

Blue Razz Lemonade is another summertime soft drink. It is a highly-ranked Elf Bar flavour. The only reason why it falls in the fifth position is because of the stiff competition it faces from other brands with a similar flavour.

The blue Razz lemonade flavour brings back the thrill of holding a giant cup of blue slushie in your hand and inhaling its cooling flavour as it nears your lips. The highlight was waving your stained tongue like a victory banner.

The Blue Razz Lemon flavour brings back those nostalgic memories and allows you to relive that experience all over again. The flavour captures the mysterious flavour of blue raspberries and adds a soothing counterbalance in the form of zesty lemonade.

Sweet, sour, cooling and fizzy, this flavour packs all the highlights of vape flavours in one. It is the perfect way to prepare yourself for those hot summer days. The flavour of the blue Razz lemon flavour is always a welcome experience that will let you see vaping in a new light.

Alternative: If you like the Blue Razz Lemonade flavour, you will most likely fall in love with another lemonade flavour – the pink lemonade flavour. For vapers chasing a simple but equally impressive and enticing experience, the pink lemonade Elf Bar is just that.

The Pink Lemonade flavour is a favourite across several brands. It’s bold, bright and effervescent. Given the savoury notes that the flavour offers, it's no surprise it is a favourite among many vape kit lovers.

The pink lemonade flavour reminds you of those lazy and laidback summer months with a tall glass of fresh lemonade with beads of condensation dripping down its sides. It has an invigorating dip with well-balanced tart and zesty notes of lemon. What sets it apart is the sugary finish that leaves your tastebuds trembling anxiously waiting for your next vape.

Final Thoughts

Elf Bar has a total of 37 flavours. Trying to find the best flavour for you might take a minute. If you want to save yourself the trouble of trying out the different flavours, this selection of five flavours and some alternatives might give you some great places to start and help you find a flavour that will work for you.

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