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Top 5 Puff Bar Flavours

There are 25 Puff Bar flavours without counting those on the Puff Bar Plus. That makes finding the right flavour for your experience the hardest part about using the Puff Bar. Everything about the device screams simplicity. There are no buttons, and the device is lean, simple and elegant. What most vapers – even seasoned ones, struggle with is finding the right flavour.

Puff Bar's range of flavours provides vapers with the best experience by giving them better chances of finding the perfect flavour for them. But, it is a double-edged sword because that same variety makes it harder for vapers to identify the right flavour for them. After reading this quick count down on the best puff bar flavours, finding the right Puff Bar flavour shouldn’t be that hard.

  1. Lush Ice

Lush Ice is a popular flavour. You will see it in the list of flavours of almost every disposable vape brand. However, Puff Bar has done theirs a little differently, ensuring it hits all the right notes.

The flavour starts with a mysterious twist. Although the name “Lush” creates some anticipation, it doesn’t give you an idea of what to expect in terms of flavour. That’s where the fun begins. You join a rollercoaster experience trying to establish the inspiration behind the flavour. This has been one of the reasons why this flavour has been the best seller among the Puff Bar flavours.

Lush Ice is a flagship watermelon flavour from Puff bar. In a world dominated by fruity flavours, it comes out on top. What makes it even better is the fact that watermelon is the most popular fruity flavour in vaping. Puff Bar showcases its prowess in brewing the best vape flavours through balancing strength and the subtle notes in their flavours. It is a skill that comes out clearly in this flavour.

The flavour is a gentle one. It needs to be handled with care. If it's too rich, it loses its gentle essence. The flavour has a uniquely hydrating, soft balance of sweet and tart tones. You don't want to drown out the flavour, but it is one you will definitely want to drown in.

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For vapers looking for a simple, all-day-vape flavour that isn't overwhelming, Lush Ice fits the bill. It's one of those flavours you won't want to give up once you pick it up.

Alternative: Peach Ice

If you like the Lush Ice flavour but feel there’s just something that could make it pop, you might want to gravitate towards peach ice. It’s also a mellow flavour featuring the taste of nice, succulent peaches. Just like the lush ice flavour, the notes are well balanced but a little on the sweeter side if you love your vape juice slightly sugary.

  1. Strawberry ice

Strawberry Ice is another fan-favourite among puff bar flavours. It comes a close second after the Lush Ice flavour, possibly because the strawberry ice is more predictable and doesn't have the same mystery with regards to flavour.

The strawberry ice strikes the perfect cords at both ends of the spectrum. It is bold and gentle, delivering a sun-soaked kiss with every puff. It provides a superior and intensely soothing flavour.

The addition of the nicotine flavour on this range is just what the doctor ordered. It will easily make you forget the smelly cigarettes. The Strawberry ice flavour is one of the few vape liquids that smells as good as it tastes.

It is lusciously sweet with a heavenly flavour but never overbearing. It has tender tones of strawberry with a natural lightness that blends with the icy notes of menthol. The result is a calming caress that will relieve your tension at any time of the day. The flavour is packed in a ruby-red disposable vape which also plays a critical role in getting your salivary glands flowing even before you try the vape.

  1. Spearmint

Some vapers find all the talk about fruity flavours a little nauseating. Almost every disposable vape in the market has a flavour range mainly dominated by fruity flavours. For vapers that have been around long enough, this might sound like a broken record considering they have been around long enough to try most of the fruity flavours.

If you're aiming for a slightly different experience that is not fruity and also something that you might not find elsewhere, the spearmint flavour is a perfect choice. It's a perky profile that hits as a classic and is also unique all in the same vape.

Not to be confused with mint and mentholated flavours that are quite common in vaping, spearmint is considered somewhat of an untapped resource. It is less mentholated than peppermint and packs a more delicate and fragrant flavour. It is what you would call light with a gentle sweetness but still remains refreshing.

Most vapers that have tried the spearmint flavour have dubbed it the palate-cleanser. It has a cool, refreshing profile that you can enjoy at any time of day. It has an invigorating effect with a clean flavour that is straightforward. The flavour is ideal for vapers looking for something that will make their journey to quitting smoking easier.

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Alternative: Cucumber

The cucumber flavour doesn't come close to the majestic and iconic flavour of Spearmint. But it is an equally exciting and different flavour. It's also proving to be quite impressive among vapers that have given it a try. It has a distinct taste. It is refreshing and fun! Everything you want in a vape and more.

  1. Lychee Ice

Lychee ice rolls off the tongue the same way as Lush Ice. But these flavours are worlds apart. Lychee ice is an exotic, tempting, and sumptuous flavour that flies you to your own private, getaway resort. The flavour has a compelling twist and is aromatic. Like most of the flavours you will find on the Puff Bar collection, this one is also gently sweet, rocking somewhere between pear and strawberry. Surprisingly succulent with a citrusy hint and floral notes that remind you of roses.

Whether you're a hopeless romantic looking for something that rekindles your sparks of love or looking for a flavour that will elevate your vaping experience, you will find the Lychee flavour in other disposable vape brands. But not the same way that Puff Bar has done it. The addition of a soothing and mentholated kick puts the cherry on the icing. It is guaranteed to awaken your senses.

  1. Blue Razz

It’s almost impossible to find a disposable vape brand that doesn’t have a blue razz flavour. This eclectic and delectable flavour is highly versatile and comes in many shapes and forms. It is a recurring favourite among Puff bar lovers. The Blue Razz flavour will get you from the deepest and darkest of winters and lay you on the white sandy beaches of a tropical island of your choice.

With a cool breeze of refreshment, the flavour has soothing notes and will put a pep in your step. The flavour has bright fruit flavours with an exciting and exhilarating minty finish. The flavour and note profile on this flavour will put a smile on your face on your most challenging days.

It is sweet enough to feel like a treat but minty enough to keep you refreshed throughout the day. It’s a classic that keeps gaining value as more and more vapers discover the incredible world of flavour it offers.


If you're worried about trying out all the twenty-something flavours that Puff Bar has to offer, you can start with these five and some of their alternatives to increase your chances of getting the perfect one.


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