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10 Best Mouth to Lung Vapes

10 Best Mouth to Lung Vapes

Vapers transitioning from smoking will find the Mouth to Lung vape devices best replicate smoking providing a better vaping experience.

For starters, there are additional benefits to going for an MTL vape device. Less coughing and easier integration into the vaping exploits are among them. It's also worth noting that most MTL vaping devices are highly portable, lightweight and affordable, making MTL vaping devices an excellent starting point for all vapers.

As is the norm in the vaping industry, there's always a rush of new products in the market. Sometimes, it's challenging to keep tabs on the best ones, but we've done the digging and brought you the best MTL vaping devices in the market.

  1. Aspire Pockex AIO

The Pockex AIO from Aspire is one of the best stealth AIOs in the market. It will easily fit in your pocket while providing you with substantial power to deliver a unique vaping experience. It's packed with a 0.6-ohm coil and a wider trip tip to allow for more top-airflow for increased vapour production. It's a discrete, low-profile vaping device with the vapour output of a sub-ohm vaping device.

  1. Tecc Arc 5

The Arc 5 spots a typical box mod style with rounded sides to make it easier to hold and compact enough to carry with you all day long. It’s easy on the eyes and matches its aesthetic appeal with performance.

The device is fitted with CS coils that are long-lasting with excellent flavour and vapour production. You also get an enormous 2200mAh battery with the device for all-day vaping. MTL vapers will also love the fully adjustable airflow that lets you customise the tightness of the draw.

  1. Innokin Endura T20-S

The Innokin Endura T20S is among the best MTL vape devices on the market. Its simple and straightforward one-button design also makes it an ideal device for starters looking for a performer that isn't hard to operate.

The device is paired with a 2ml tank with two 0.8-ohm coils and a 1500mAh battery that provides you with more than enough power throughout the day. Despite its small stature, the device does an exceptional job delivering on flavour and vapour.

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  1. Joyetech EGO AIO

The Joyetech EGO AIO is a pen-style AIO that offers a bit of both worlds. It is capable of delivering MTL and DTL vaping experiences. However, it does its best work as an MTL device. It has a sizeable built-in battery with a leakproof 2ml tank with a unique top fill design and childproof lock.

The EGO AIO is perfect for vapers transitioning from smoking and vapers looking for a small, stealth vaping device that they can take out and about.

  1. Aspire K3 Quick Start

Vapers looking for a quality, discrete, stylish, but functional kit will find that the Aspire K3 Quick Start ticks on all the right boxes. It delivers a superior taste and experience compared to most e-cigs in its class. Paired with the outstanding K3 tank known for its exceptional delivery courtesy of the 1.8ohm Nautilus Coil and easy to use approach, the K3 Quick Start promises a flavour-filled vaping experience to every vaper that gives it a chance.

The device is also paired with a powerful 1200mAh rechargeable battery that delivers enough power for aggressive and intense vapers.

  1. Tecc Arc Slim Vape

The Tecc Arc Slim vape features a small, yet sleek setup comprising of the slim mod and the CS Air tank. It's a petite tank that fits snugly in your hand and perfect for vapers looking for a stealth, discrete vaping setup. 

A 1800mAh battery powers the device while the 1.8ml tank holds your vape liquid. The device also features adjustable airflow, three power settings, LED light indicators and USB recharging.

  1. Innokin Prism T18E

 The Innokin T18E is built the same as the famous T18. The only difference is the tank, which makes all the difference in this case.

The device has a fixed 14W output powered by a 1000mAh battery, a prism tank (hence the name), and comes with two 1.5-ohm replaceable coils.

Besides the impressive features and specifications, the Prism T18E is easy on the eye, featuring stainless steel and pyres glass as the primary body materials.

  1. Aspire K2

The K2 is one of the pioneers of Aspire’s K-series. It’s a flashy device carefully designed with beginner vapers in mind.

Fitted with an 800mAh battery, a 1.8ml tank and a replaceable 1.6-ohm coil, the K2 gives you the best start to your vaping journey. The device is well built, and vapers with an eye for design will appreciate how this little beauty looks.

  1. Innokin Jem Starter

The Innokin Jem vape is another option for vapers that are just getting started. It also packs a few features for slightly experienced vapers, among them variable wattage that comes in five different settings.

The device incorporates a 1000mAh battery, micro-USB charging port with pass-through technology, a 2ml tank with a top fill design and adjustable airflow.

  1. Tecc Arc Mini Vape

This mini vape is a simple, fuss-free device that is highly regarded among atomizer heads. It has one of the best MTL deliveries and ranks top among vapers transitioning from smoking.

If you prefer to use high nicotine strength and lower power, this device delivers the perfect experience for you.

Some of its main features include adjustable wattage peaking at 20 watts of power, a CS micro tank and a sizeable built-in battery to power the coils.

FAQs About MTL Vaping and MTL Vape Devices

What is MTL vaping?

MTL vaping stands for Mouth-to-Lung vaping. It’s the way you inhale the vapour from the vaping device. In this method, you inhale the same way you would a cigarette. You draw the vapour in your mouth before inhaling it into your lungs.

What are MTL vapes?

These are vaping devices designed for MTL vaping. They come in different shapes, sizes and designs, but all have the same function – MTL vaping.

What should you consider when buying an MTL Vape device?

The considerations differ depending on your preference. However, most MTL vape devices are low-powered and have a tight draw. It's also worth considering additional features like replaceable coils, pass-through charging and one-button firing for the best first-time vaping experience.

Can I use nicotine with my MTL vape device?

Yes. In fact, most MTL devices are built for vapers transitioning from smoking and hence work very well with high nicotine concentrations. The style of drawing helps to tone down the harshness of nicotine on the throat.

What type of E-liquid should I use with the device?

You can use almost any type of E-liquid in your vape device. But, MTL devices are designed to use e-liquids with low VG concentrations because the coils are not able to vaporise thick e-liquids quickly and efficiently because of the low power.

What nicotine strength should I use?

The ideal nicotine strength varies depending on previous experience with nicotine. If you’re a heavy smoker, a high nicotine concentration is best. However, we recommend starting with a low concentration and slowly working your way up until you find that sweet spot.

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