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5 Best Rebuildable Tank Atomisers (RTAs)

RTAs allow experienced vapers to customise their vaping experience by building coils and installing them on the build deck of the atomiser. Like vape mods, Rebuildable Tank Atomisers come in a variety of configurations and with varying features. Vapers have a long line of options to choose from depending on their vaping tendencies and preferences.  

Types of RTAs

Before checking out some of the best tanks in the market, it's vital to look at the different types of RTAs and what they have to offer to help you make the best choice.

Bottom vs top airflow

Airflow is one of the factors you should consider when choosing an RTA. Most RTAs have a bottom airflow system. However, in poorly designed tanks, this approach has a higher chance of leaking, which is why top brands are migrating to a top airflow design. Some of the new top airflow atomisers have exhibited great performance in terms of flavour.


Whether you choose an MTL or DL tank is about preference. If the atomiser has a few narrow airflow holes, it is most likely an MTL, while tanks with larger or multiple slots provide a DL experience. For vapers transitioning from smoking, an MTL tank delivers a more authentic experience.

Single Vs dual coil

RTA tanks come as single or dual build decks. The more the coils, the vapour the tank produces. Most single coil tanks have an MTL to a restricted DL draw, while dual coils usually deliver a DL vaping experience to allow more airflow and better vapour production.

RTA Vs GTA style

In standard RTAs, the build deck is on the base of the atomiser. In Genesis (GTA) atomisers, the build deck is higher in the tank section. The position of the build decks determines how the coils are going to be wicked. GTAs require longer wicks compared to standard RTAs.

5 Best Rebuildable Tank Atomisers

Now that you’re up to speed with the different types of RTAs and a few of the factors that could determine your vaping experience, here is a list of the leading RTAs in the market currently.

  1. Dovpo Blotto RTA

The Dovpo Blotto RTA is undoubtedly the best RTA in the market currently. It was created in conjunction with YouTube vape reviewer Vaping Bogan which is why it also carries the name "Bogan."

The Blotto is all about airflow, which you can clearly see when you see the build deck. The deck can handle a single coil or two small coils and perform with both, for vapers that want substantial cloud production.

The tank has a 25mm diameter that makes it mod-friendly. Although the bubble glass pushes the widths closer to 30mm, the tank still holds up well with most mods you use it with. The Blotto is a mean looker with an elegant design. But, it is a relatively simple RTA to build on and fairly forgiving when wicking. The fact that it is a top fill is another added benefit.  

With the Blotto, you're assured of excellent airflow, a DL vaping experience, intense cloud production and spot-on flavour. Its forgiving design makes it an ideal choice for vapers who are just starting to use rebuildable tanks.

  1. Geekvape Zeus X

The GeekVape Zeus X vape tank is the successor to the Zeus Dual, another highly rated tank within the vaping circles. The Zeus X has a 25mm diameter which opens it up to a world of options on the vape mods you can pair it with. It comes with an updated postless deck design to accommodate large and complex builds.

The deck has four terminals that can hold single or dual coils. The screws in the deck are side-secured for easy building.


Another winner for the Zeus X is the airflow and is possibly its best feature. It has a top airflow design that is practically leak-proof. The air is directed through multiple holes in the chimney down to the coils and out of the mouthpiece. The vapour production from this design is mind-blowing, and the flavour is out of this world.

The tank easily holds 4ml of vape juice. That is more than enough to get most vapers through the day, which saves you the trouble of carrying additional vape juice. The Zeus X is reliable, easy to build and a beast in performance.

  1. Wotofo Profile Unity RTA

The Wotofo Profile Unity RTA is another collaboration tank. The collaborators in this tank design were Wotofo, The Vapor Chronicles and MrJustRight1. The perspectives of each of the collaborators were carefully considered, and the result was a fantastic tank with a next-level triple density mesh coil.

The tank is powered by the nexMesh OFRF, ensuring you deliver a unique flavour experience to its users. The RTA has two glass tubes. One has a capacity of 3.5ml, and the other has a 5ml capacity. You can choose what works best for you, depending on your vaping trends and habits.

Other important features of the Unity RTA include the spring-loaded ceramic cotton and a leak-proof connection for faster filling, thanks to the grooved top cap.

The deck of the tank has wick ports with juice feeds from above and below. The clamp style build deck works with a single strip of mesh. The use of mesh means you get even better cloud production and flavour extraction compared to coils. There are 5 sizeable airflow holes on the tank. This is an excellent DL tank delivering amazing performance all around.

  1. Vaperz Cloud Trilogy

The Vaperz Cloud Trilogy tank is the largest tank we have on this list. It has a 30mm diameter base. The build deck of the tank isn't that different from the equally acclaimed Asgard RDA. But it maintains the RTA format where the deck is that the base of the tank. It has a large, single intake shaft that funnels air directly from the 44 airflow holes around the tank. The unique airflow design provides a smooth draw and produces massive clouds.

 The build deck has a clean and straightforward look. It’s easy to use. All you have to do is drop in the coils and secure the leads. Wicking is also a breeze and works like a charm.


The Trilogy has three glass sections. Using these options, you can choose how tall your want the glass to be and how you want to look. The extended bubble glass holds an astonishing 9ml of vape liquid.

The airflow on this tank is adjustable. You can get anything from an airy direct lung draw to a restricted direct lung draw, depending on the settings.

  1. Innokin Ares 2

You would think with the influx of cigarette smokers making the transition to smoking, it would be easy to find an MTL tank that mimics the smoking experience. Unfortunately, it’s not. Luckily the Innokin Ares 2 does an excellent job packing the ultimate MTL vaping experience with amazing vapour and flavour production.

The Ares 2 is a single coil RTA. It produces exceptional flavour and vapour even at a lower wattage. It has a slide top-fill function that makes refills easy and mess-free. With the reputation of Innokin, it’s no surprise that they managed to come up with an excellent tank for MTL vapers. It has a quality and sturdy build and is easy to use and get your first vape going.  


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